Is there any strategy that can be used in slots?


It is safe to say, in all honesty, that slots in all entirety are down to chance. There is no magic wand to creating a special strategy as they are all designed to be completely random.

They are designed to guarantee a profit. The money put in is not expected to be less than the money being given out – read this Pumpkin Bonanza slot review.

A good slots strategy should be about saving your money from being lost and improving your odds of winning.

If I can’t control the slots, what can I control?

So we’ve been able to put together a few tips to help control how you play since we cannot exactly control how the slot works, and this is just as good as it gets. Here are some tips to keep in mind before playing;

  • Bet maximum at all times 

When large bets are made, player access is granted to bonus rounds and bigger prizes. Betting maximum is advised because when you hit a combination of symbols which then lead to a jackpot after you’ve bet, perhaps say a single pay line, you may not likely forgive yourself because due to the nature of the slots, you can never know when you would hit these combinations. Just pick a machine where you can play at a max bet throughout the session.

  • Try as much as possible to avoid progressive slots  

Suppose you aim to make your bankroll lasts longer to be able to play more games. In that case, you should avoid placing single bets on progressive slots, especially if you don’t have a business playing long-odds contests accompanied by huge risks such as these progressive slots. The bait is usually promises of massive cash-outs in millions of dollars to keep you coming and coming until all your money’s gone. 

  • The best odds usually come from the simplest games 

If your bankroll doesn’t support it, avoid high volatility slots because they usually have a high cost per spin and the longest odds. If you’re looking to save money and get the best out of your game, stick to the simplest slots available. Most of the time, slots that call too much attention are with large straws ready to suck out your bankroll.

The Ultimate Slot Strategy: Managing your bankroll

Without your money, there’s no point being in the casino in the first place unless you’re just there to watch others roll. So you must guard your funds, so they don’t get sucked out before you even get a chance to win. Below are some tips to getting this done;

  • Don’t be greedy. Resist the urge to be known as a high roller when in all sincerity, you aren’t one just yet.
  • Your wins/loss limits must be in place. You should plan what you’re willing to stake and how much you need to win to walk away.
  • Check the volatility and dynamics of the game.
  • Low denomination spin games are more pocket-friendly. 


Slots are great if you can take risks and be smart about the way you handle them. That being said, the only way to avoid being caught in its hook is best to avoid it. There are other games that put you under less pressure and provide better chances of winning with better odds, such as blackjack, baccarat, and video poker. 

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