Indoor Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Your bedroom

Trees increase the beauty of a place. They also keep the room fresh and the environment healthy. There are different types of fruit trees that can be grown in the living room. Some of them are given below.

Fig trees are the fruit-producing plants that can be grown in your bedroom. These are the smart type of plants and you can easily handle them in your living room. They require less water so you need not worry about the water issue in the room. They produce figs that are very healthy fruits. They are popular decorative plants and can be used anywhere in the house.

Lemon is another tree that can be planted in the bedroom. You can grow them in small bottles and keep them at any place. Lemon trees yield the fruits very early and can be very profitable for you. This is a self-pollinated tree so you need not worry about the care of this plant.

Olives are such plants that are not only known for their beauty but also for their fruit. They take a little space to grow and they grow only on the water when they are settled on upper soil. They can be grown in any sunny place like you can place them before the window. It will not only provide you fruit but also beauty to the room.

We know that to grow avocado in a room is very difficult but not impossible. All you need to do is to take care of the plant and water it in time. You will get the fruit from this plant even in your living room. Moreover, if you add some sand in the bottom of the pot, the plant will not get feet but provide full fruit. As these plants also need much light so keep these plants also in a sunny place in your room.

Nectarines are very beautiful trees that do not grow much but provide much fruit. These trees are the most liked trees for planting in bedrooms. There are available different varieties of nectarines, so you can choose one of your wills and grow in the bedroom wherever you want.

Oranges are also grown in rooms as they also need not too much place for their plantation. These trees are very fruitful. Like lemon, they also need bright sunlight. You would be thinking that the orange and lemon trees are very large. But you can grow them in your room by applying some techniques like buying the small size variety of orange trees and applying sand or any other thing in the bottom of the pot to cease the growth of roots downwards.

For the plantation of such plants that grow in low light or night, you can use blackout curtains. In the market all types of curtains like noise eliminating curtains are available. So you apply such curtains to save such plants from overheat because the temperature of the room can become high and it can be harmful to the plant. If you are sick of the noise then click here to get more info about soundproofing curtains where your required information is available.

Limes also grow in an indoor environment. They require the same environment as oranges and lemons. They need half day sunlight and can produce fruit in a little span of time if cared.

The banana tree is a well-known indoor tree that is used mostly for beauty. But it also produces fruit. It requires a lot of water due to large surface area trees. So you will have to take much care while growing this tree in your living room. Moreover, due to the high size, you will have to cut it periodically.

Mulberry is such a tree that likes the pot environment. The simple pot soil works well for the plant. It is a slow-growing tree due to which it is liked for growing in bedrooms.

Apricots are not only fruit-producing trees but also produce beautiful flowers. Most people grow them due to their beautiful white flowers. The only problem is that you have to pollinate them yourself as they are not self-pollinators.

All these trees can easily be grown in the bedroom and you can enhance the beauty of your room.



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