If Boys Had Periods?

If Boys Had Periods

A diary’s conversation with the world :  

From the pages of a woman’s diary
Yeh Zindagi Kuch samajhti hi Nahi hai!” (This life does not understand anything) . we work hard, we earn for the family, we play games, we love to cook, we love to distribute happiness, we learn to cope up with new things, we respect men, in fact, we respect everyone, we take care of our child, we consume alcohols, we do almost everything, that a normal human being does, Apart from that, we bleed every month. And, see we are not allowed to enter religious premises during periods !!

We suffer during periods, but have you ever imagined, what would have happened if boys had periods like girls!!

Boys V/S Girls on Periods:

All of us are figuring out questions like, what if boys have periods? What if boys were girls? Don’t know towards where we are moving ahead, but not getting a monthly cycle of bleeding is the new talk of the town.

At any point in life, a girl is 3 years more mature than the boys.  When puberty hits a girl, she learns the most important thing in life patience. She is taught, many real-life things during this puberty period.

When puberty hits a boy,  he gets easily annoyed, his moods change frequently, and during this period,  the boys build up their emotions strong to see the next phase of their life.

Now, let’s move into some chill pills; if boys had periods what would have they doHere you will see, some menstruation jokes for boys!

1. Periods cramps are roller coaster rides
If boys get periods cramps, they will scream like the scenes of a horror movie.  When, boys are not able to find the towel for bath, then how they will find the sanitary pads if they bleed.
For the cramps, they would have cried like a baby in front of their mothers and asking for  3 extra shots of vodka, sounds creepy? But, literally, boys would have done strange things during periods. To reduce the pain, they would have consumed more cigarettes, instead of pain killers.

2. Untouchable for any rituals:
If boys were forbidden for something, during those 5 days, they would surely become atheist and will touch everything, that we girls are not allowed to do so now. They would, start circulating things that, why bleeding is a taboo in Indian society?
Imagine that saying, hey don’t touch him, he is on periods. That saying might irritate them a lot, and they might lose their temper and would start shouting at the person, who said like that.

Dear Girls beware ,  boys do have short temper!

3. Missing offices and lame excuses
Boys would have missed their office during periods, and they would say their boss all filthy excuses. They would have said, “My mother is sick,  I have an appointment with a doctor  for her check-up.”
If seriously boys get periods, girls will not be called weaker sex for getting bleed every month. Office management would have understood a little more about periods.

4. Marvel series and Superman
During periods, the boys would have taken measures like the superpowers in marvel series, in short they would become the superman in their dreams, just to vanish the blood. Or else, they would have got fainted for the next 3 days.

If Boys Had Periods

5. Lifting heavyweights
They would start skipping gym training due to their periods. If they go gym during periods, they would say their trainers, “Today I will do light walking and light cardio exercises.”

5. Irregular periods of boys
Those irregular periods would have become a funny topic among the boys.  They would tease each other for missing regular periods, rather than going to consult a gynecologist. Sometimes, even they would make fun of being pregnant for missing a period cycle.

6.  Date cycle
Boys would have forgotten the dates of period cycles as like, they forget often birthdays, wedding anniversaries, regular health check-ups, and premiums of many insurance policies.

But they remember the next week’s party plan in which bar along with the date. Sounds precise? Or, you will add something more!

7.  Monopoly market for sanitary pads
If boys had periods, they would have chosen a single brand over multiple brands available in the market for sanitary napkins.  They would not have felt the comforts of having a cotton or synthetic pads. They would have gone with one option only, whatever they find in the market they would start using that only.
See, how only one brand will rule if boys have periods. They would not be contributing to the economy of a country during their periods. You might be laughing after reading this, but seriously, think more closer you will get your answer in a flash.

8.  Struggling for a walk
The boys would not face any struggle for walking, as they are sleeping all day long in their room.  They would become more lethargic enough to do anything. Even, they would bother their sisters and mothers, for a glass of water.

9.  Periods during board exam time
If boys had periods during the last exam day, they would start panicking from the questions to answers, even they would not have wait for the completion of the full answer writing time, they would rush to their home.

After reaching home, they would curse God for their periods, and also for missing the last day exam fun with their friends. 

Those were some imaginary funny prattling for boys if they would have periods. Monthly periods are not everyone’s cup of tea, you need guts, zeal, and enduring patience throughout. We just put some surreal contradictions on,  if boys had periods, what would have they do? Those are all funny assumptions, who knows if they become real?

Now, you must be laughing like a kid after seeing boys in such conditions. Dear girls, please spice up your life with more imaginations on boy’s periods.

By the way, Pun is not intended for anyone. Keep exploring new things related to boys’ periods, after removing the “if” close. So, imagine now, boys have periods too. Keep your fun unlimited, while having surreal interests.

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