How To Wrap Your Injured Ankle Correctly

How many times have you experienced ankle injuries or witnessed a person spraining an ankle? Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries.  Sprains usually occur when you either twist or roll your ankle, resulting in stretching or even tearing a ligament on the ankle. The ankle injury should be treated immediately to prevent long-term problems.  

RICE (Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevate) method is mostly used to treat ankle sprains. It involves placing and massaging the leg in a rest position, applying some icing, compressing the ankle using an ankle wrap, and then elevating the foot upwards. The most crucial step in the RICE method is compression, and thus, you should choose a good ankle wrap. Body helix ankle wraps will always give you the best service. 

Reasons for Ankle Wrapping

An ankle helix wrap is used to prevent the swelling of the foot, by hastening the healing of the ankle injury. The compression wrap also supports the ankle reducing the pain while stretching the leg. The ankle wrap additionally provides a comfortable compression on the ankle. The compression also supports the ankle by holding together the damages tissues around the ankle. These tissues include proximal plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, ligaments, and the covering skin. Lastly, ankle wrapping limits the motion of the ankle while stretching the foot to reduce the pain and the ankle sprain. 

Guide in using Body Helix Ankle Wrap


  • Roll up the compression bandage


The first step on how to wrap ankle is rolling up the elastic bandage to a convenient length. The ankle should be held in a 90-degree angle such that the ankle faces up. Hold the loose end of the dressing near the toes and wrap it towards the side of the foot. Ensure to wrap the bandage around the ball shape of the foot. Pull the bandage lightly to keep it somehow taut. 


  • Start circling slowly around the arch


After rolling the compression bandage, start rotating the wraps around the arch of the foot. The bandage should be pulled diagonally from the bottom of the toes. The covers should be rolled around the foot, making circles around the injured ankle. After this, pull the bandage across the top of the foot, making sure to maintain a figure-eight pattern while arching the bandage. 


  • Wrap bandage around the ankle


The next step on how to wrap ankle is wrapping the bandage around the ankle, making sure that the felt piece remains in position under the ankle bone. Roll the bandage again from the ankle to the foot while maintaining the figure-eight pattern. Pull the bandage lightly while moving it towards the heel on the bottom, as well as towards the foot calf on top of the eight-pattern. 


  • Ensure the wrap cover the entire foot


Finish by ensuring that the ankle wrap covers the whole foot, most notably the area around the injured ankle. The ankle wrap should be ended about 7 centimeters above the wounded ankle. 

Take Away

Body helix ankle wrap is self-fastening, thus requires just a right pull to compress the ankle effectively. The wrap should be snug off the circulation to the foot.



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