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Essential Tricks About How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

It is very important to know How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally as curly eyelashes provide the illusion of bright and bigger eyes. Regular use of eyelash curlers can cause harm to the lashes. So, it is essential to emphasize How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally without any harm.

Everybody wants to possess the appearance of long, curly lashes. If people don’t know the appropriate use of curlers then they face severe problems and can even lose their lashes. Therefore home remedies are significant as it prevents damage and also fulfills the requirements of the people of curly eyelashes.

Various Ways To Curl Lashes Without An Eyelash Curler

Since the constant application of eyelash curlers can cause damage, so people must know how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler. People also focus on the fact how to curl straight eyelashes naturally.

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
  1. Use of Cotton Swab and Mascara-

  • Application of two coats of mascara should be dry as wet mascara creates the base for curling.

  • People will then use the plastic part of the cotton swab to push the lashes upward.

  • They will hold it for 30seconds.

  • People need to move the hair dryer gently up and down as heating can dry the mascara to make the curl prominent.

  • The dryer should be placed 6inches from the face to protect the eyes.

  • The same method is repeated for the lower lashes and for the other eye also.

  1. Use of Fingers-

  • Application of mascara on eyelashes.

  • People need to warm up their fingers.

  • Then they have to slowly push up their lashes upward for 30seconds.

  • Again to apply two coats of mascara to set the curls.

  1. Use of Aloe Vera gel-

  • People need to take a small amount of aloe Vera gel onto their middle finger and rub it with their thumb.

  • The gel is applied to the eyelashes. The thumb is placed under the eyelashes.

  • The lashes are pushed upwards to curl them.

  • A passing warm hairdryer can keep the curl for a long duration.

Easy Tips To Curl Lashes At Home

how to curl eyelashes at home
How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

People always want to curl lashes naturally and want to know how to curl your eyelashes at home. Home remedies are very easy to perform without any future damage.


  1. Methods to Curl Eyelashes with Spoon- If people want to know how to curl eyelashes with spoon, they must consider the following aspects. Curling eyelashes with spoon requires two things namely, a spoon and mascara.

  • People need to have a thin-sided, clean spoon.

  • The spoon must be passed through hot water but one thing to remember is that it should not be too hot to burn the skin.

  • The heated spoon is held against the eyelid, near the lash line and the lashes are pressed against the curve of the spoon.

  • People must press their fingers on the lashes.

  • Then to apply mascara to set and hold the curls.

  • The lashes must be combed gently when the mascara is semi-wet.

  1. Process to Curl Eyelashes with Toothbrush- For people who want to have long, curly eyelashes must know how to curl their eyelashes naturally with a toothbrush.

  • A clean toothbrush is placed in a mug of warm water for a few minutes.

  • The excess water is shaken off.

  • The brush is pressed into a clean towel to dry it.

  • The warm toothbrush is gently applied through the lashes and it is held at the tip to curl.

  • The brush is re-warmed to repeat the process.

  • Finally, two coats of mascara are applied to set the curl.

  1. Ways to Curl Eyelashes with Vaseline- If people have doubts regarding does Vaseline keep eyelashes curl; they must know that curling eyelashes with lubricating, waxy substance give a good effect and long-lasting curly lashes.

how to curl eyelashes with spoon
How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

Now if they are eager to know how to curl eyelashes with Vaseline, Vaseline must be applied before curling the lashes. It can moisturize the lashes and can also able to remove any dust particles from lashes. Before curling people should massage the lashes gently with Vaseline.

  • To coat the eyelashes with a thin layer of Vaseline.

  • It will protect the lashes from getting damaged.

  • It will curl the lashes.


Tricks To Curl Without Damage

People who think why won’t my lashes stay curl, must follow the prior methods properly with precautions. Any sort of mistake can cause harm to the eye and eyelashes. They must know how to curl lashes without damage.

  • Mascara used for curling must be washed clearly before going to bed as it can cause infections and even the lashes can become dry, brittle in nature.

  • People must use coconut oil to remove eye makeup and also to moisturize as well as nourish the curly lashes.

  • People should apply conditioner or lash serum. This will provide healthier, longer lashes and provide further scope for curling lashes.

  • People must try to avoid the use of eyelash curlers.

  • People must give a break from curling lashes, as continuous apply of chemical mascaras can prevent the natural growth of lashes.

  • While following the natural home remedies also proper precautions must be taken. The spoon, brush used for curling should have bearable heat.

  • Mascara should be replaced after every three months.

  • It is essential to consume healthy foods as it encourages healthy growth of lashes that will make the face look more bright and youthful.


1.Is Curling Your Eyelashes With Spoon Bad?

No, curling eyelashes with a spoon is not bad. It is very effective as it is a natural process. Curlers can bring damage to the lashes but curling with a spoon provides long-lasting curly effects that make the face look bigger and attractive.

2.Can People Curl Lashes With Vaseline?

People can easily curl lashes with Vaseline as it makes the lashes look bright, glossy and protect them from infections. It also makes the curls very prominent.

3.Does Curling Lashes Result In Eyelash Fall?

Obviously, continuous curling put pressure on lashes. It becomes very weak and can break off. Some areas may get infected due to the regular use of mascaras. Eyelash fall can also occur due to regular curling.

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