How To Teach Critical Thinking The Fun Way, With A Printable Escape Room Game


The world that we live in is changing with every passing day. What is important to understand in this case is that we need to undertake more efforts in the domain of critical thinking these days primarily because we are living in an age of technology. The traditional ways of thinking do not seem to work anymore. Parents, therefore, want to teach their children critical thinking in a way that is engaging and fun. In this article, we’ll explore the very best way to teach important critical thinking skills – with a printable escape room game.

Understanding critical thinking

Critical thinking is all about the subtle use of the mind for formulating distinct ideas and mindsets so that complex problems can be solved. This is a crucial life skill. There are multiple complex problems to be found in life where one has to apply the notion of critical thinking. Without these sorts of complex thinking skills, it’s far too easy to make wrong decisions that make life messy and hard. Therefore, priority has to be given to teaching kids critical thinking from the very beginning. Children need to learn the art of crafting critical thinking, and escape room games make learning this skill fun.

Escape room games

Escape room games are perfect for teaching critical thinking. In an escape room game, children are encouraged to find creative solutions to escape from a challenging, exciting scenario. For example, they might need to escape an Egyptian tomb, or solve a murder mystery. This will require them to exercise critical thinking skills. They have to approach challenging puzzles from different angles, in order to find one that works. They’ll need to think through puzzles logically and analytically. They need to connect disparate elements, based on subtle clues. All of these steps are important in the development of critical thinking skills among children, and a printable escape room game teaches kids in an engaging way. Once kids start learning with printable escape room games, they’ll ask to play them again and again!

Teamwork with escape room games

Of course, critical thinking can often be rendered useless if you can’t share your skills in a team. It is imperative to encourage the development of teamwork and communication skills alongside critical thinking so that your kids have the best chance of developing a useful skillset. Escape room games do just this. By requiring children to work together, it lets them work out teamwork skills in an organic and practical way.  Kids learn to lead, delegate, appreciate the strengths of others, and solve collective problems. All in the context of a fun game, equipping them with important life skills.

Fun with escape room games

Children love to have fun. They naturally learn more when they’re engaged in fun activities. This makes a printable escape room game the perfect learning activity. Kids love racing together against the clock to solve puzzles and escape. So these games fit right in at kids parties, family game nights, and fun indoor games. It’ll even keep them talking after the game, as they brag excitedly about their close calls, silly mistakes, and genius breakthroughs. But even more importantly, the fun gets kids motivated to think creatively. It kickstarts their minds, teaches important skills, and gets them excited to learn more. Yes, FUN is one of the most powerful tools you can have to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity.

Kinds of escape games

The good news is, there are lots of different kinds of escape room games for you to choose from. You can choose a game that will interest your kids, and then you can even edit them to fit your kids’ interests perfectly. Once you’ve chosen a game, setup is quick and easy. It only takes 20 minutes to print the game, set it up in your room, and begin playing.


To sum up, escape room games are the secret weapon you need, right now! They teach critical thinking, teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential later on in life. But most importantly, they’re the fun activity that your kids will never forget – and we all want to give our kids something special.

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