How to Rock Oversized Tops in Style This Winter

Have you ever noticed how fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian look stunning in an oversized sweater top? Do you also want to rock similar oversized cute boutique tops?

The short answer to that is that you’ve been styling your oversized tops the wrong way. Luckily, your pain is understandable. That is why this article discusses a few tips and tricks on how you can make the oversized top sitting in your closet posh and chic this winter.

1. Wear a Pair of Leggings or Tights and Heels or Knee High Boots

Leggings or tights and an oversized boutique top are virtually the perfect pair. Since they fit so snuggly against your skin, tights or leggings are naturally slimming. Therefore, they help balance out the proportion of the oversized top, turning it into the focal point of your outfit. The heels or the knee-high boots add a handful of classiness to your outfits, yet they don’t steal the show from your oversized cute boutique tops.

Tie in the whole outfit by carrying a sling or tote bag. With such a look, you can comfortably meet your clients, go on a date, or even go shopping with your girls and look classy all the way.

2. Tuck it in

The easiest way to rock an oversized sweater top is to tuck it in! How you tuck it in depends on the kind of top you are wearing. For instance, if you are rocking a knit pullover sweater, you don’t need to do a full tuck. Wear your best jeans and wear the top with a front tuck and a pair of ankle booties for a model-off-duty look.

You can pull off the same look with a faux leather skirt for a night out with your girls. A half tuck is a good idea when you want to look cozy in a cute oversized boutique top and, at the same time, want to define your waist.

3. Show Some Skin

Want to go for a shopping run with your girls but don’t want to dress up too much? If yes, then take that oversized boutique top you bought the other day and pair it up with a short skirt or a pair of cute shorts.

Tuck it in wholly or do a half-tuck only. Either way, the relaxed fit of a short fitting skirt or pair of shorts helps balance out the oversized top. If you rock a skirt, pair it up with a pair of chunky booties, and if you decide to go with shorts, wear your chunky sneakers for a relaxed but stylish look.

4.     Tie a Knot

If you don’t want to tuck it in but still want to maintain that chic look, then another excellent way to rock an oversized top would be to tie a knot. Knotting it up makes your silhouette look more feminine without sacrificing the cozy look brought about by an oversized top. However, note that this works best with pretty oversized tops with light, silky, or thin fabrics (more on this below).

Bonus Tips

●  Buy an Oversized top and not a big one

There is a difference between something that is oversized and something that is big. An oversized top will look big only where you want it to be, for instance, the shoulders and the waist. A big top, on the other hand, will look baggy in all the wrong places. To rock oversized tops and look good, then don’t buy something that is two sizes up your standard size. Instead, stay near your size.

●  Pick the Texture Carefully

The texture of the oversized top you are wearing is the thin line between looking stylish and shapeless. For instance, thicker fabrics often make you look larger. Therefore, an oversized top with a thick fabric would best be paired with leggings or anything that has a slim fit. Loose-fitting, silky, or thin fabrics, on the other hand, make you look shapeless. Therefore, tying a knot, a front, or full tuck would be more advisable with such a top.

Oversized tops are perfect for fall and winter. They often look warm, cozy, and snuggly. However, one wrong move, and you’ll end up looking shapeless. But with the tips above and the diverse selection of cute boutique tops, you don’t have to worry anymore.





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