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How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally


Women, of course, love beauty and most of them consider beauty as the models or film stars with red lips and rosy cheeks and even a sharp nose. The nose seems so important because it immediately catches people’s attention as being a focal point of your face. There are many ways to have a shaped nose such as cosmetic surgery, makeup, taking home remedies or doing face yoga. However, undergoing plastic surgery costs lots of money and painful.

How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally
How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally

I used to have a ‘fat’ nose. I used to feel embraced and unconfident just because I had an unpretty nose and I can’t afford to have cosmetic surgery. Then, I found ways to make my nose look smaller naturally. People keep asking me questions such as “How to make your nose smaller?” or ” Is it hard to reshape my nose like you?”. So, why don’t you try the less painful methods to make your nose smaller naturally? Besides this solution, you can use some makeup products from Faceshop to make your nose smaller.

How to make your nose look smaller

Your overall beauty is much affected by the shape of your nose  . People with large or pronounced nose always search out for tips on how to make your nose look smaller. There are numerous websites which suggest things ways to make your nose smaller. Some of them also guarantee that doing specific exercises and even holding some expressions can quickly help you to make your nose look in shape. There are various natural methods to make your nose look smaller . There is a surgical method  known as rhinoplasty which makes your nose smaller. However, these nose reshaping surgeries are quite common and risky too. A surgeon will put anesthesia at the time of surgery and removes the cartilage and also tissue to reshape your nose to make it appear smaller in size. However, the best way to make your nose look smaller is trying home remedies. There are many home remedies which can actually work naturally to make your nose smaller. There are many simple tips to make your nose look smaller:

How to make Nose smaller with Ice

How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally
How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally

Ice therapy – the easiest way

In case you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose then there is no need to worry about how to make nose thinner and pointer. There are many simple and easy methods which take less time to show results. How to make the nose smaller with ice? Is it possible? The answer to this question is yes it is possible as ice is known to be one of the easiest methods to make your nose smaller naturally. You have to wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and have to apply it to your nose. You have to repeat this process, and after some time you will see the change in the nose as it will be less bloated as appear smaller because of ice and cold. It is termed as the easiest tips for how to make nose sharper  with ice which you should perform to make your nose look smaller and thinner in no time.


How to make your Nose smaller with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also known to be one of the most effective home remedies to make nose look smaller. If you are confused regarding how to make your nose smaller with lemon juice, let me tell you that applying lemon juice also said to be an effective remedy regarding for altering the nose shape. It may do it but will be very time-consuming. So you can apply it on your nose to alter the shape and make it look smaller.

How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally
How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally

How to make nose Smaller with Ginger

If you are in confusion that how to make nose smaller with ginger then let me tell you that Ginger is effective for reducing fatty acids in all parts of the body. Thus using ginger especially a ginger powder to make your nose thinner can also be done. You just have to mix the ginger powder in water and rub solution on the nose. Perform it on a regular basis to see the desired results in no time.  Please note that you will experience some burning sensation on your nose because of ginger powder. If this feeling is beyond your ability, rinse it with cold water and reduce the quantity of ginger powder next time rhinoplasty

How to make Nose smaller with Toothpaste

Surprisingly yes toothpaste can give you the dreamlike nose without any kind of pain. These little incredible things lie right in your house! Yes, you can obtain your fantastic nose by means of this home remedy, and the best part is you don’t have to go through extreme pain for this.

How to Make your Nose look Smaller Naturally

For this amazing remedy, you need a teaspoon of toothpaste with a teaspoon of ground ginger and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Just mix water .ginger powder along with toothpaste and apply it on your nose by fully covering it.  Apply for fifteen minutes and wash it with water. After that apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton pad and wipe it off. Repeat it on daily basis to get desired results. It is known to be one of the most effective DIY  remedies to make your nose look smaller naturally.

Making the other parts of your face be attention

I think it is a smart idea. We all know nose will be the point that catches people’s attention. So why don’t we make it less striking? There are many ways, and various parts can be a notable part instead of your nose. For example, you can wear a bright or bold lipstick to draw the attention away from your nose. Choose the red, orange or pink shade. Then apply the lipstick directly or with a lipstick brush. Finally, blot lipstick with a folded tissue, and you may use the second coat if necessary. Remember, don’t wear heavy makeup or else it will draw attention towards to your nose. The reason is that it can draw attention towards to the center of your face (your nose). You should only choose a more natural looking makeup instead. Note that the shadow under your eyes can also draw attention towards to the center of the face. You may use the concealer to hide under-eyes-shadow. You should choose a color that matches your skin tone. When applying, use a blender and try to blend it downwards, towards your cheeks.

Using flour and glue

Honestly, this method makes a fake nose right on your nose so that your nose may look thinner and smaller. All you need is a teaspoon of flour, glue, and color that matches your skin tone. Mix a teaspoon of flour with glue. After that add color to the mixture and Make the dough in shape.  Take a small amount of this mixture furthermore applies on your nose, then do makeup to cover it. Try to make it naturally. Not to worry regarding your skin as Flour and glue are fresh and safe for your skin, so this way is entirely safe.

Exercises – best option to get a perfect nose shape

If you are not comfortable in putting up makeup and searching out tips for how to make nose look smaller without makeup, then you can try out some exercises to achieve your goal. There are many exercises that can help you to reshape your nose in a natural way. They are:

  • Nose shaping- using an index finger to press nose sides and breathe out with force is very helpful technique to give your nose a smaller look naturally. You have to put pressure on both the nostrils and have to breathe out with full pressure . Repeat this home-based exercise at least ten times for better results.
  • Nose shortening – this also done with the help of the index finger by placing it on the tip of the nose and pressing it gently.  You have to perform this easy exercise daily as many times as you can.
  • Nose straightening- to need what you want you to have to smile and after that use your fingers to push your nose in an upward direction. This will assist you to build up your muscles from sides of the nose. Perform this exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily for desired results.
  • Yoga- deep breathing exercise – Doing yoga always seems good for both the mental side, and physical side .there are many nose breathing exercises which assist you to get a perfect nose shape. Yoga and many workouts have great importance and offer many benefits. Breathing includes deep inhaling and exhaling which h will help you to make your nose look in perfect. You should sit in a comfortable position. Block one nostril and inhale with another nostril in a similar way block another nostril and exhale via the nostril you release. Repeat and do about ten repetitions.
  • Nose wiggling- you just have to wiggle your nose with face totally still. This will also benefit you by building face muscles. It is very beneficial in developing the nose muscles and gives it a perfect shape.
  • Massaging the nose- massaging nose is the best tip for how to give your nose a perfect shape naturally. Same as breathing it offers many other benefits too as it helps to cure any type of headaches. Massage your nose starting from top to tip and after that on sides. Move your finger in a circular motion and massage your nose thoroughly to get desired results.

Makeup- best way to get a perfect shape nose naturally

How to make your nose straight naturally is something which everybody wants to know. If you want to make your nose look pointed and sharper without any surgery, you can choose makeup for it. It is actually a method by which you can easily hide your imperfections and make it appear thinner and attractive. Makeup is known to be the most powerful tool if used correctly. The only best and natural way to totally redefine your nose to look sharper and slimmer is makeup which is the best and cheap option in nowadays.  Below we will tell you to step by step procedure to make your nose look smaller and in shape with makeup:

Start with moisturizing your nose

Nose tends to be a very problematic area of your face. It is a place where the excessive oil lasts all through the day. The most significant step which should be taken is to prep and prime the nose skin in the correct way. Firstly make sure to exfoliate as well as moisturize your skin including nose carefully.

Apply foundation

Next step is to highlight and contour the skin with makeup which will be the base for a perfect shape nose. It is significant to apply foundation as it will help to maintain the even skin tone. You can also use the concealer according to your skin color to make your face skin even. Try to use a concealer of light shade in comparison to your skin tone.  You have to apply this along with the ridge of the nose and blend it gently by using a concealer brush or a damp makeup sponge.

Darker shade concealer

Now the next step is to use the darker shade to concealer by the narrow or pointed concealer brush, and you just have to apply at the side of the nose by making very thin lines on both the sides and after that gently blend them by concealer brush or else damp makeup sponge.

Apply highlighting and contouring powder

The next step in how to make your nose look smarter with makeup is to apply highlighting powder, especially with a golden shade. Apply powder on your nose with a fluffy brush and apply all through the length of the bridge for the nose. It will add highlighting effect to your nose by setting concealer perfectly. After that go for a cool toned contouring powder which should be applied along with the sides of the nose. Use shimmer instead of matte contouring powder and apply with a pointed brush and pointed brush to blend it perfectly.

Rest of the face

After that, the last step to make your nose look thinner with makeup is to contour your leftover face including cheekbones and forehead. This step will draw attention away specifically from the nose and which will offer an overall natural slimmer and smarter nose.


Above are some ways you can do at home to make your nose smaller but they are cheap and safe enough. I know everyone loves beauty, but the old said: ” I think to myself how every remarkable woman has an imperfection and I believe that imperfection makes her beauty more remarkable because it assures us she is human.” So, be confident! N0 matter how your nose or the other part of your body is, remember you are the most beautiful women!


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