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How to make a Skirt out of Denim Jeans

how to make a skirt out of jeans without sewing

Jeans to Skirt Tutorial 

We girls just don’t get over our denim jeans any soon, no matter how old denim jeans is we just can’t let that go. But what is that we can do with our old denim jeans girls? We can do a lot, yes yes, we can. We can make a top, skirt, bags, clutches and sling bags. Here we will you make your own new denim skirt from your old denim jeans, are you ready? Go gather all your old denims which you piled up to give away or which aren’t fitting you well.

How to make skirt out of denim jeans?

Firstly take the length of the denim jeans and make a mark till where you want your skirt’s length.

How to make skirt out of denim without sewing
  1. Cut the length with the help of scissors and make sure both sides are equal.
  2. Now cut centre of the denim jeans from in between the legs.
  3. Turn it to the other side to re check the length.
  4. Stitch the parts to separated and stitch the new look of skirt as shown in the picture.
  5. And you are done, flaunt your skirt and this DIY with your friends.
  6. You can also add some patches to make it look trendy.
  7. Try your hand on fabric colours too and give your denim skirt a new life.

How to make skirt out of denim without sewing?

For this all you need is :

  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Pencil to mark And that’s all.

Lets start

  1. Decide the length that you want for your new skirt from old denim jeans.
  2. Mark it with the help of pencil.
  3. Take the scissors and cut the length.
  4. Now cut the in between of the denim and make sure you do it neatly.
  5. From the remaining fabric cut 2 V shape patches and apply glue onto them.
  6. Fix one patch on the front where you can see the triangle shape and the other patch behind.
  7. Let it dry for sometime.
  8. Scrub the edges of the skirt and give a rough look to it.
  9. There you go girl, all set to party.
  10. You can always try some sequence or patches to give it a new look.

How to make long skirt with a denim jeans?

Wow, now you are tired with old denim jeans but don’t want anymore short skirts and wondering if you

How to make long skirt with a denim jeans

can make a long skirt out of it but doesn’t know how to start, in just few steps you can make long denim skirt, be it flair or body hugging. Here are the useful tips:

You need scissors, glue and you are sorted!

  1. Take your denim jeans and need not to cut the length if you want length or incase to want it to be ankle length, cut accordingly.
  2. Start cutting from the bottom till the front zip both the sides.
  3. You can keep the with long cuts or else stitch them together with the corners for body hugging long skirt.
  4. If you want loose long skirt, all you need is another old denim to get the patches stitched. Cut another old denim and take long straight pieces and stitch them in the gap as shown in the picture , make sure you do it neatly els I wouldn’t look good.
  5. You can add white lace or pearl at the bottom and make it look ravishing.
  6. Try anything new that matches your personality.
  7. And you are ready with the long skirt to add on with the wardrobe.


There are many more things that you can do with your old denim, stay tuned as we are coming up with more new ideas.

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