How to Get Out of the Weekday Slump

We’ve all found ourselves in a slump before.  The habits that keep our days organized may become annoying or tedious over time and leave us feeling like we could be doing more with our lives.

Instead of quitting your job and moving to a new city to start fresh, these are the best ways to add some intrigue to your week.

Set Aside Special Date Nights

Date nights don’t have to be for those who are in relationships.  Once a week, on a random weekday besides Friday, give yourself a fun and interesting date night.  This could be a picnic in a nearby park or a fancy dinner where you do everything except sample the alcohol menu.  Dress up, do your hair, and let yourself cut loose a little.  As long as you’re back home in time for bed, this type of date night can be just what you need to shake things up.

Give Yourself Treats In Work Lunches

The place we feel our slump the most is often in the middle of our workdays. So to spice things up a little, give yourself occasional treats that are more expensive than what you’d usually go for or have special meaning for you.  Please don’t do this every day of the week; instead, try it on a different random day every week.  This habit will give you something fun to look forward to.

Wake Up A Little Earlier For A Nice Breakfast

Many of us already dread how early we have to wake up for work, but you should try waking up just an hour earlier, at least one day a week.  Take this hour, and go to a local breakfast place to get some good coffee and a special breakfast you usually wouldn’t have time for while you’re on the run.  This extra time for yourself in the morning can give you a chance to breathe, look for houses for rent in Houston, Texas, and take the time you need to recharge for the workday.

Give Yourself A Spa Evening

Spa evenings go along the same idea as date nights but are a little more special.  Stock up on bath bombs, face masks, and luxurious towels, and give yourself a couple of hours to enjoy unwinding and relaxing.  You can bring your favorite book if you don’t mind getting bathwater on it, or even set up your tablet somewhere away from the tub so that you can watch your favorite television shows.  A nice cool drink can make this perfect and allow you to pamper yourself even further.

Don’t Forget Why You’re Working So Hard.

Above all, keep in mind why you’ve put yourself in this slump!  Are you working to provide for your family, or are you trying to save up money so that you can go on a vacation sometime soon?  Give yourself the chance to breathe and get to know your hopes and dreams, and allow those to guide you forward.  If you have a clear image of your future, it makes the present a lot easier to handle.

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