How to Find the Best Meal Planning Recipes to Set Yourself Up For Success

Meal planning sounds like the most wonderful idea. In practice, though it often turns into the same three or four meals over and over again. 

The end results were, of course, that you begin to stray from your meal planning. Eventually ending up without following your plan at all. So how do you combat that?

By finding more diverse recipes to choose from. Meal planning does not have to be a million variations of chicken and rice. Not sure about you, but you can dress it up anyway you like by day five, check and rice is chicken and rice.

Keep reading to find out how to find the best meal planning recipes and finally stick to a meal plan you can enjoy.

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Think in Terms of Leftovers

Oh, leftovers. One of the greatest joys of the modern era. Almost everyone loves leftovers. There is something magical and wonderful about what happens to food between storing it and reheating it. 

When it comes to meal planning, leftovers really should be your best friend. It doesn’t matter if your meal planning goal is to help save money, eat healthily, or just save time. Recipes that yield leftovers are a great way to stretch one meal into two or three, save some money in the process, and time spent in the kitchen.

Mixing it Up – Smart

Be smart about mixing up your recipes and finding new ones. Don’t make it a jarring transition in a cascade of all or nothing recipes you’ve never tried before.

Instead, ease yourself into these new recipes. Keep around three or four tried and true recipes and introduce one new one. This will help to prevent running into failed recipes several nights in a row. 

Couple this with the first piece of advice about leftovers and even if that one recipe is a dud and falls flat. You should have some leftovers floating around to rely on. 

Instead of having to scramble and completely ruin your meal planning goals.

Common Ingredients

Now, this may seem entirely counterproductive to what is being discussed here. That being new meal planning recipes. However, once again, it comes back to leftovers. 

By choosing recipes with common ingredients you can often meal prep in advance. For example, if two or three recipes one week use white rice. You could prepare the rice days in advance and reheat for each recipe as you need it.

Recipes with common ingredients also help when you are meal prepping for the whole week. Choose two or three common ingredients each week and make your cooking day that much easier. 

Don’t forget to choose different recipes and common ingredients from week to week. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself right back to the worst case scenario. The same recipes over and over again with no variation.

Cook What You Want to Eat

Now, a person would reasonably assume that this statement shouldn’t have to be made. And yet here it is. The reason this is brought up is that people often forget that meal planning, preparing, or dieting doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite foods.

The best way to stick to any type of meal planning or diet food even is to incorporate some of your favorite foods into your meals. Just keep in mind portion control. If you like pizza go ahead and prepare yourself a small personal pan homemade pizza.

Notice that was a small personal pan pizza made at home. Not three large slices of pepperoni from the local pizzeria. Don’t forego your meal planning or meal planning goals in order to eat whatever you want.

Meal Planning and You

Your meal planning goals and techniques are entirely up to you. After all the whole point of this is to help you meet personal goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether they be about your health, eating habits, or just reducing stress at dinner time after you get home from work.

Your reasons for meal planning are your reasons. However, with that being said the meals you choose to eat are the meals you choose to eat. But, choosing recipes that yield leftovers, share common ingredients, and finding new recipes to try are all great ways to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

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