How to Create a Stunning Office that Rocks!

Most Fortune 500 companies, as well as successful blue-chip companies, understand the importance of having happy employees. A happy employee is a productive one who will go above and beyond office hours to get the job done – not out of coercion but because they are motivated to do so. So how do you get your staff happy? By creating the most conducive environment for them to work in. 

This might seem unimportant until you learn that unhappy workers cost American businesses a whopping $300 billion annually in sick leave, off days as well as mistakes on the job. Now your attention is piqued; here are six things you can do to create a better office environment instantly.

With a GDP of $1,275,137,000,000, New York is undoubtedly the commercial hub of the United States. 

•    Usher in Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting not only looks better, but it also improves the quality of sleep of your staff. Research conducted by Northwestern University discovered people working in offices with window lighting receive as much as 173% more sunlight, which in turn allows them to sleep for 46 more minutes. 

•    Cleaner Comfortable Space 

You do not need a psychologist billing you hundreds of dollars just to inform you that your expensive office space nyc needs to be comfy and clean for you and your staff to generate the turnover required to stay in business. 

Apart from boosting profitability, a comfortable office makes you feel good mentally. It does not take much to get new plants or put down money on ergonomic furniture, or a top-of-the-range coffee machine. You will not only get the appreciation of your staff, but you will also change the energy of the office for the better. Many offices in New York are now embracing natural wood designs and furnishings to bring in this nice aura.

•    Create Quiet Rooms

New York is not only crowded. It is terribly noisy as well. Therefore your staff needs an escape from the typical noisy and crowded cafes lives of New York.

An open office layout has many advantages, including boosting camaraderie and better communication. However, you should have dedicated soundproof rooms where staff can focus their attention on a complex task. Although premium office space NYC can be small in size, quiet rooms allow employees the opportunity to de-stress. Such an arrangement is particularly suiting for staff who work long hours or have intensive tasks to complete. 

•    Create Recreational Areas

If your office space can allow, then it does not hurt to have a ping pong table or hoops. Such a facility will enable employees to take their minds off pressing issues and blow off steam. Apart from this, bonding through games can create. It is no longer uncommon to find New York offices equipped with nap room and hideaway treehouses.

•    Personalization 

Your staff spends good hours working at their workstation so they should be allowed to customize it in ways that appeal to them. This can include bringing their potted plants or adorning cubicles with personal effects. This creates a feeling of pride that boosts productivity. 

Final thoughts 

Doing the above will not only make your workers happier, but it will also create more loyalty and drive to get the job done.

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