How to choose an ideal dress?

Dress idea

A little history:

The dress is a long-standing symbol of femininity, a favorite outfit for every lady who seeks to emphasize her softness and beauty. The history of its appearance originates simultaneously with the emergence of the history of human society, changing from era to era.

The predecessors of women’s dress hundreds of years ago were capes and cloaks, Greek tunics, Roman togas. In the course of the evolution of clothing, the quality of materials improved, styles and cut improved, times dictated their fashion canons. The word originally meant any type of clothing, including all types of women, men or children. And only over time, it acquired its current meaning.

The styles and types varied slightly. Basically, only the ways of wearing were different. The most popular were tunics, which were worn by everyone, young and old, regardless of gender. The differences were in the quality of materials and length.

France was the first to become a trendsetter in women’s fashion Splendor and pomp disappeared, flowing silhouettes appeared, skirts acquired trains and wire frames.

Revolutions took place not only in society, but also in the fashion industry. In the 1920s, women first dressed in pipe silhouettes and business dresses.

How to choose a dress and what options to pay attention to?

The dress is in the wardrobe of almost every woman. Ladies’ dresses can be strict and democratic, for a special occasion and for every day look. “Little black dress” will be appropriate in any situation and on every occasion.

How to choose clothes so that it not only pleases the eye, but also fits the figure? At first glance, the choice seems to be a fairly simple task, but in reality it turns out to be something completely different.

It is known that every woman is beautiful in different ways: they are slender and plump, tall and short, long-legged and petite. In case of knowing exactly what you want, you will understand how to choose a perfect one that fits your figure.

Before choosing the right appropriate model, it is important to correctly determine the type of your figure.

Moreover, to choose the perfect type, you need to decide for yourself for which event you are purchasing it. The main principle of good taste is that clothes should be suitable for the occasion. For example, you cannot go to a business meeting in a miniskirt or in an evening dress with rhinestones, and at a party in a nightclub, a business suit will look somewhat ridiculous.

What’s the most important thing about clothing? Color, shape, texture, style, relevance, the latest trends? Everything is important. However, the most important thing in clothing undoubtedly is a woman! You don’t have to buy expensive models, you can look perfect even in a cheap dresses if they suit you 100%. 

Dresses come in many different types

Let’s see what are the types?

  • Sundresses usually are kinds with an open chest and back, they can be with or without straps. Most often, this type is worn in the summer, but you can buy a sundress made of warm “winter” fabric and combine it, for example, with a shirt.
  • Sheath dress is close to the body, the length, as a rule, reaches the middle of the knee. It can be with or without a sleeve.
  • The shirt one’s looks like an elongated shirt. It can be worn as a stand-alone item, or with jeans or tight-fitting trousers.
  • A sweater type looks like a long sweater. It can also be worn under jeans or with tights. Very modern and trendy!
  • Babydoll kind look like short dresses with a fluffy skirt – they resemble children’s models. As a rule, the waist on such dresses is too high. This type is very romantic and will be an ideal option for a date. 

Dresses for women can be straight, fitted, tight-fitting, loose, they can have a trapeze silhouette. There are many different options and models to make a selection from. You just need to pick up yours which will be 100% ideal for you. 

The classic option is a straight one. A midi and maxi dresses can be worn in the office and for a walk, a long straight option is suitable for going to the theater or for a party.

The loose-fitting one is very democratic. This clothing will look great on any figure, perfect for the office, walking, meeting with friends. Movement in it will not be constrained and you will feel comfortable at wearing them. 

Women’s dresses always give the image of femininity, elegance and attractiveness. To make the clothes fit perfectly, and most importantly, you feel comfortable in it, choose those types according to your style and according to your preferences today. See what you can buy according to your preferences and be attractively sexy!

If you live in the rhythm of a bustling metropolis and love functional clothes, then casual style will suit you, and if you are vulnerable and love everything feminine and beautiful, then most likely your style is romantic. The style depends on your preferences, likings and of course your lifestyle.

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