How Can You Find the Perfect Organic Foundation for Your Skin Type?

People are getting more aware and open to accept what is natural and environment-friendly. It won’t be wrong to say that chemical-based products can create more prominent harm and leave side reactions on your skin. So, when you talk about foundation, you must go for an organic foundation as the first layer of make-up on your skin.

If you are looking forward to forgoing your chemical-based foundations in exchange for plant-oil based and water-based natural foundations, this is how you should find the perfect one for your skin:

Figure Out Your Skin Type 

The first step towards the selection of the natural foundation is to fathom out your skin type. The type of your skin may fall in any of the four categories, i.e., normal, oily, dry, and combination. To select the perfect foundation for you, you must know your skin type.

The best thing about most of the natural foundations is that it goes great with any skin type you possess. Even if you have sensitive skin, natural foundations will not leave any traces of burns or side-effects on your skin. 

Choose a Suitable Formulation

The organic and natural foundation comes in different formulas ranging from powder, cream, or liquid. When you find out your skin type, you can easily judge which formulation of foundations will suit you the most. As per the experts, if you have oily skin, the powder foundation should be your choice, whereas, for dry skin, the liquid turns out to be the best.

A liquid organic foundation is recommended because of the coverage it provides to the skin, which is much flexible as compared to the others. It is also excellent for covering the fine lines and age-marks while leaving a glowing and dewy effect on the skin.  

Know Your Skin Tone

The skin tone or undertone reflects the shade of your skin. There are three undertones of your skin, i.e., warm, cool, and neutral. Create an understanding of your skin tone by discerning whether it is pink (cool tone), yellow (warm tone), or a combination of both (neutral tone). 

Once you get to know your undertone, half of the work is done as many brands label their foundation with the type of skin tone it is best suitable. The right foundation for your skin should perfectly mimic your skin tone. 

Select the Right Shade

You certainly never want to look ashy or ghastly when done with wearing the base of your make-up.  Match the foundation with the shade of your skin complexion to find the perfect match. Wrong shades of foundation can leave chalky traces on your skin that look too artificial.

So, it would help if you try it out on the jawline and neck. Make a mark that it should blend flawlessly and go seamlessly without leaving the whitish cast on the skin. 

An organic foundation provides nourishment to the skin without clogging the pores. Since it is made up of natural and eco-friendly ingredients, it leaves subtle and supple effects on the surface. So using the advice mentioned above, make a selection of perfect natural foundation for your skin type.



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