Hitting the Ski Slopes of Whistler

Whistler is the most visited skiing location in Canada!  It gained this title because of its countless peaks, beautiful views, and endless snow and ice.  Although this may sound daunting for many newbies to the sports, this is a great place to learn how to ski or snowboard!

If you’re considering a visit to Whistler: here’s what you should keep in mind.

What Should You Bring

If you’re going to Whistler in the winter: pack for cold weather.  You’ll need at least one thick coat, a good pair of gloves, some leg warmers that can go on under your pants, and some long socks and boots.  From here, make sure that your bottom layer of clothing isn’t made out of cotton, because that absorbs moisture and will hold it against your skin.  You can have your clothes washed and dried in the local laundromat or by your hotel or resort, so don’t worry about underpacking if your clothing takes up too much room.

Where Will You Stay

Although this would be easier if you could buy real estate for sale in Whistler: most who visit don’t live in the city.  Whistler has countless hotels, hostels, and resorts where you can rest your head at the end of the day.  Consider your budget, and then shop around for the best option for you.  Although the resorts offer many perks, they’re not always financially the best decision for everyone involved.

How To Arrive

If you live in British Columbia, your best way to travel would be to drive or take a bus.  Of course, you could fly from Victoria to Whistler, but many see this as a waste of money and prefer to drive and enjoy the gorgeous views.

Many nearby provinces may also drive to Whistler, but it all depends on personal taste.  Flying into Whistler is a great option!  If you’re flying in, you’ll have to land in Vancouver, which leads to an hour and a half bus ride to Whistler.  Renting a car is a must for many and will allow you to explore the city and the slopes whenever you want.

Can You Go As A Beginner?

You can visit Whistler as a beginner!  There are countless classes and lessons you can take and numerous ways to get to know the area, even if you’ve never been before.  Because of how many slopes there are, there are multiple options for beginners to pick from so that they don’t have to dare the scarier jumps and slopes.

The Top Slopes To Try

The best slope to try in Whistler is the Blue Line!  With a fun reputation as a warm-up slope, it’s the one slope that every visitor who comes through has to try.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or this is your first time in the snow, giving the Blue Line a try will allow you to learn and ski on a piece of history.

Whistler is an incredible national park with beautiful views and friendly locals.  If you want to have the best skiing vacation of your life, this is the place to go.

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