Himalayan Salt Lamps-The Ideal Choice for Outdoor Events Just like Nightlights

When it comes to outdoor occasions, a good lighting scheme is perhaps the most important factor affecting your evening. You can deal with wind, you can deal with moths, but if you can’t see properly; then you can’t deal with anything. Any Hollywood lighting expert would tell you just how crucial a good ambience is to getting the perfect shot. They take into account the warmth, intensity, brightness, color, angle, contrast, and even decide where the shadows should fall. However, let’s not get into the many intricacies of this profession. After all, you only need to make sure the guests can see the steak before eating it. 

Idyllically, Himalayan night light lamps events should feature a warm and inviting array of lights to make the guests feel comfortable and at ease without hindering their vision. The light need not be too bright, or too dim. Warm lights work best during the night. However, there is one variant that perfectly fits the requirements of any nocturnal event held outdoors. The Himalayan.

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A Himalayan salt lamp is a decorative light created by carving out the exterior from pink Himalayan salt and installing a warm light within. While there is little evidence to objectively conclude the following, advocates of this lamp claim that the lamp has significant medical and therapeutic value. That being said, this does not make it any less of a choice as its balanced lighting capabilities alone render it a prime choice among night events. 

Why is Himalayan salt lamp ideal for outdoor celebration?

Using a Himalayan lamp night light lamps your party can prove to be beneficial in many ways. These lamps emit the perfect white balance providing a soothing atmosphere that relaxes your eyes. Additionally, the range of services it offers are listed below:

  • Easy on the eyes, easy on the mind. Ever tried looking directly at an extremely bright light? (We’ve all done it at some point in our lives). Chances are, your eyes started to hurt which then spiralled into a headache later on. Even if not directly looking into it, prolonged exposure to white light adversely affects your mood and might instil a certain crankiness. This lamp emits light within a range that does not unnecessarily stress the eyes, inculcating a more relaxed state of mind (you don’t want cranky guests, do you?).
  • Sets the mood. Salt lamps are perfect for creating a romantic ambience with its soft pink glow that radiates so smoothly across the air. Similar to the pre-modern era, these are more akin to candles, which symbolized love back in the days. Except for this candle, doesn’t run out, doesn’t make a mess, and doesn’t expose you to potential fire hazards.
  • A tale to tell. The very origin of these salt lamps is an intriguing story of its own. Original Himalayan Himalayan salt lamps are carved using salt from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. Salt which is millions of years old. Explaining how salt from the depths of the Khewra mines is sitting right beside you is a good story in and of itself.

How to get the most out of your lamps

For your lamps to function at their full potential, they need to be placed properly. Positioning is key to achieving the desired atmosphere without placing too many lamps. Below are a few tips you can apply:

  • Always place a couple at the entrance. First impressions really are important, even when considering the light work in your parties. Place a few at the entrance, preferably with colored bulbs inside. 
  • Get the corners. Nobody likes a lamp right in his or her face, even if it’s a salt lamp. Illuminate the corners so the glow can rebound off the walls creating a very enticing look.
  • Don’t overdo it. Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many lamps spoil the evening. Save you lamps for spaces that actually need them and avoid placing lamps when there is nothing behind them (wall, curtain or otherwise any obstruction). 

Another nifty thing you could do with them is to combine the lamps with potted plants that are decked out with colored bulbs. This is quite complex and requires a bit of architectural flair to pull off. However, if done right, they make for an absolutely delightful combo that is sure to light up your event the proper way.

Although the supposed health benefits attached to these lamps may only exist in theory, that doesn’t stop them from being the first choice in many outdoor nocturnal birthday celebrations, family reunions and even weddings. An almost natural aura emanates from these lamps, which lures people in without them noticing it. Our brains are psychologically wired to gravitate towards natural light. Draw in your guests and make them feel relaxed and comfortable as you make new memories, or cherish old ones.

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