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High Protein Foods Can Help You Burn the Body Fat

High Protein Foods Can Help You Burn the Body Fat

High Protein Foods Can Help You Burn the Body Fat

Trying to lose body fat and maintaining lifelong weight control is one of the greatest challenges you may experience one time or another. And your lack of nutrition knowledge won’t get you anywhere. You probably think you are highly conscious of the most things related to nutrition, diets, and weight loss. Seriously, don’t you feel like you are puzzled… not even for a moment?Strip Club Name Generator

Not everyone is able to keep up-to-date with all the latest weight loss information. Things change in a fast pace because we, people/humanity, are still in the learning phase when it comes to food and nutrition. Not all the secrets are revealed yet. Stay with me here, and you are gonna learn one of them.

I am ging to let you in on this little secret that most people who want to lose weight quickly do not know about and that is protein can in many ways be considered a fat burning food because it can speed up your metabolism.

Protein just so happens to have the highest thermic effect of any food. This means that the body uses more energy or calories to digest and absorb protein over any other food such as fat and carbohydrates. In fact your metabolic rate can be sped up considerably by as much as 30% simply by eating protein.

This means for every 100 calories of protein foods like salmon and chicken breasts only 70 calories are left over after digesting and processing. So for thinning out ,it is important to eat the right quantities of protein at the right times each and every day, while you are on a balanced diet.

Here is another little secret about protein you may not know about. Just like different carbohydrates have different rates of absorption, proteins do too. For example egg whites are metabolized much faster than red meat. So when trying to lose weight it is important to be focusing on proteins that are metabolized quickly such as chicken, fish and eggs.

So you are probably wondering how much protein you need to eat. The amount of protein that is required is basically determined by several factors like the amount of muscle on your body and how physically active you are.

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Important tip:

The best protein supplement will contain about 25 of your daily intake of protein, post workout. Whey protein is the best protein for this purpose.

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