Here are the 5 best dab rigs for cannabis

rigs for cannabis

Consuming cannabis in various forms has become a big part of the medical world – and recreation world – in modern times. Whether you are ingesting cannabis for pain relief, muscle aches, and relieving anxiety, or you simply enjoy the effects of weed, figuring out the safest and most efficient ways to ingest cannabis is key to safely use this product. 

One of the most popular forms of ingesting cannabis is dabbing. Dabs are small, but highly potent, doses of cannabis that are created by extracting the THC from the marijuana. THC is the part of the plant that creates the ‘high’ feeling – something you don’t want for pain management. 

Let’s see some of the best products to use when dabbing safely.

The 5 best dab rigs for cannabis

Mj Arsenal mini rigs

These MJ Arsenal mini rigs, also known as mini bubbles, are efficient, compact, and easy to use. This company even offers the choice of designing your own mini dab rig bundle pack, giving you the personalization of mini dab rig, bucket size, and carb cap. 

With many different products and variations of the mini dab rig to fit your specific needs, the best selling option is the Ursa mini dab rig. The positives of this choice are the fresh and smooth pull, spill prevention construction, and compact size. 

Snoop Dogg Pounds SFO

If you want a dab rig that is highly compatible with concentrates and dry herbs alike, this is the best choice for you. With a pyramid structure, ruffle percolator, and wide base, this dab rig contains everything you need: a 14mm herb bowl, carb cap, and tool. 

The best part about this dab rig is the ease of use, the functional and aesthetic design, and the great overall value for the money. 

Cheech and Chong jade East

The Cheech and Chong dab rig comprises a dry herb bowl, vapor dome, handles, nail, and quartz bucket for compatibility. With a sleek downstem, two tiers of percolation, and thick glass, this product has a great overall value for what you get. Despite being a little trickier to use for beginners, this is still a good choice for those who enjoy dab rigs.

Evolution Heat Wave Turbine Straight Sidecar hybrid Dab Rig

This dab rig features a reinforced downstem, turbine disc percolator, sidecar mouthpiece, and showerhead percolator to deliver a smooth hit for all users. The percolator is a showerhead design to deliver a high amount of bubbles and gentle flavor. 

The pros of using this dab rig are the great value for the money, positive ratings on various websites, and the high-quality construction that is sure for durable and long-lasting use. The only negatives of this dab rig are the fragile nail and the difficult ease-of-use for beginners regarding the carb cap.

Medicali 9 Mil Beaker Base Dab Rig

This dab rig is both stylish and functional, containing a 9mm borosilicate glass stand, level beaker base, high-filtering diffuser downstem, and banger that is compatible with most carb caps. 

The positives of this dab rig are the competitive price, smooth hits, and high-quality materials and construction. The only negative of this product is the higher price when compared to other similar options.


When shopping for the best dab rig for your needs, you should only take a look at the top five choices on the market today. When deciding between the MJ arsenal mini rigs or the Cheech and Chong dab rig, you need to take into account your price range, user-friendliness, and durability of the dab rig.

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