Here Are Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sun

Excessive exposure in the sun can cause many issues. Such issues include sunburn, spots, and wrinkles in areas that have been burned. You may also see changes in the texture of your skin, trouble with your eyes, and this may lead to skin cancer. Almost 5 million people are treated for skin cancer early. UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin if you don’t adequately protect against them. The best way to protect your skin is to keep away from the sun. Many of these cancers can be prevented by keeping your skin sun safe. Follow the tips listed below to protect your skin from the sun.

Put On the Right Attire 

Choose the clothes made from polyester or denim that can block the sun’s rays. This include; lightweight, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, or a long skirt. Besides, look clothes in dark or bright colors since the rays will reflect off them. In case you are planning to be in and out of the water, choose a dry shirt to put on afterward since wet clothing cannot protect you from the sun.

Use the Sunscreen

Sunscreen comes in lotion or spray-on forms. It contains ingredients that protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Sunscreen has a sun protection factor (SPF). The higher the SPF number in the sunscreen, as seen in Lovemelanotan, the more excellent protection it provides from sunburn, and the longer it will last after application. However, If you have sunscreen at home, confirm the expiration date before you use it. Ensure you don’t use it if it’s expired. 

Protect Your Children

Children who are six months old or less should not be exposed to the sun. This is because their skin hasn’t matured and needs keen protection. If they are outside, they should be under shade. They need to wear a hat. Lastly, they also need to wear clothing that can protect them from the sun’s rays.

Be a Lover of Hat

Choose Hats with a broader brim that reach around your head. Hats protect your head and face from direct sun. The brim will protect your entire head and neck. Hats made from a heavy material, like canvas, are the best choices. Always avoid lightweight hats since the rays can go through them smoothly. If you have a baseball cap, apply sunscreen to your face, all-around your neck, and to the top and back of your ears.

Skin can get sun damage in less than 20 minutes without protection. However, it can take more than 12 hours for the loss to appear. Therefore it’s ideal for keeping track of how long you’re in the sun. Some areas such as beaches, pools, lakes, oceans, concrete surfaces, and even snow, reflect the sun more than others. So if you’re in these areas, you should protect yourself with Lovemelanotan since you’re more likely to get sun damage if you fail to take precautions.



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