Handy Items to Keep in the Boot of Your Car

What does the boot of your car look like at the moment? Maybe it’s a bit messy, or maybe you pride yourself on keeping it clean and tidy. No matter what kind of car owner you are, there’s something to be said for sorting out a list of handy items to store in your boot. If problems do arise, an emergency car kit can help you tackle these with a bit more ease. 

First Aid Kit

It’s good to have a ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ mindset. A basic first aid kit is a great thing to have in your car and comes in handy for minor injuries. 

Jump Leads  

One of the most common reasons for your car to break down is a flat battery, particularly in the colder weather. Keeping jump leads in the back of your car can make your life much easier, as you’ll be able to get your car going again much quicker.

Items in case of a breakdown

If your car breaks down, you’ll need a reflective triangle to warn other drivers. You should place it 45 meters from your car and take extreme caution when placing it. Don’t use it on the motorway. Also during roadside emergencies, you should wear high visibility clothing for added protection. Other drivers will see you better and you’ll be safer

Spare Clothing

It’s not just high-vis clothing you should think about. If you’re stranded in your car as the weather drops, it’s good to have some layers to hand. Or, in more day to day scenarios – you might want to change outfits without having to drive all the way home.

Other items to keep in your car

Umbrella – This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, does it? You don’t want to get caught out in the rain. 

Ice Scraper – Another car essential you should pack. An ice scraper is a must in winter. 

Snacks – Whether you skipped breakfast before your commute, or have a long road trip ahead of you, snacks are always good to have around. Energy bars are a particularly useful snack. 

Duct Tape – It’s versatile and lightweight. There are endless DIY duct tape fixes for your car.

Phone charger – Carrying a phone charger means you don’t have to worry about your phone losing battery during the day. Plus, it could help out your passengers if their phone needs a boost. 


There you have it. A list of handy essentials to keep in the boot of your car. Is there anything else you’d add to the list? 

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