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Ever thought about starting your day without coffee? If you love coffee this much then I am sure that you are totally going to love the information that we are going to share with you. Have you ever thought of using coffee in different ways? If no, then we have a mind-boggling idea for you to enjoy your coffee outside its mug. Any guesses what are we talking about? Well we are talking about coffee soaps. Amazed by listening about coffee soaps and at the same time wondering how to get one? Don’t worry because we are here to share how you can prepare your own handmade coffee soap. Just follow the steps below to get that beautiful scent of coffee wherever you want it.

First Let us have a look on the ingredients that we need to make a coffee soap:


  1. 9.5 oz brewed coffee (cooled to room temperature)
  2. 6.25 oz coconut oil
  3. 6.25 oz extra virgin olive oil
  4. 6.25 oz palm oil
  5. 3.4 oz sodium hydroxide (lye)
  6. 3 oz avocado oil
  7. 2 oz shea butter
  8. Two tablespoon ground coffee
  9. 1.25 oz castor oil
  10. Fragrance oil


Now let us have a look on what all the equipments you need to make a coffee soap:


  • One large plus one medium sized bowls
  • One bowl for an ice bath
  • Gloves and face mask
  • Blender
  • Small sized bowls
  • Digital thermometer
  • Spoons
  • Digital scale
  • 10 inch mold of silicon or any other soap’s mold


Now let’s move on to the procedure on how to make coffee soap:


  • Start off the process of making coffee ground soap by brewing your favorite coffee. You can choose coffee of your choice. After brewing you favorite coffee, let it cool down to room temperature. Make sure to not add anything at this step like sugar or cream, just add the regular black caffeinated coffee.
  • While your coffee is being cooled, blend all the essential oils that are mentioned in the ingredients. Apart from these oils you can blend 0.33 oz coffee, 0.20 cinnamon, 0.15 oz clove bud and 0.15 nutmegs to create your own fragrance oil that give the fragrance of warm spicy coffee scent. But you can use whatever fragrance oil you think would be perfect.
  • Now if your coffee has been cooled down to room temperature, then prepare the ice bath. Add the cooled coffee in a medium sized bowl and add some small amount of lye to it. Now keep the bowl of coffee with lye in the ice bath. Lye tends to provide you burnt coffee smell in your finished soap, so to avoid that we are using ice bath. The ice bath will keep the temperature of the mixture low. So after putting the bowl in ice bath, make sure to stir it well until the lye dissolves in it properly.

  • Now let the lye coffee in the ice bath be kept aside. You may get very terrible smell from lye coffee but I assure you that if you will keep the temperature of lye coffee low using ice bath, then you won’t get that smell when you will get your final product.

  • Now you need to heat up the mixture of oils that we used (Coconut, Palm, Castor, Shea, Olive and Avocado). Put the mixture of oils in microwave for about 40 seconds and stir it well when you take it out of microwave. After stirring, put it again into the microwave for 40 seconds so that the mixture of oils totally turns into liquid. Take it outside again, and if it still isn’t in the liquid state then put it back in microwave for more 20-30 seconds. You can also boil the mixture of oils on the stove to convert it into liquid state.
  • Now check the temperature of your lye coffee which is in the ice bath. If it has temperature of 110 degrees or below, then you can take it out from the ice bath. After taking lye coffee outside, you can put bowl of melted oils in the ice bath so that it can cool down to a certain temperature.
  • When we make soaps by using food products, then the process of making soaps are generally cold processes. Here also in coffee soap recipe cold process, we want the temperature of both the oil and lye coffee to be between 90-100 degrees. Now while the oils are cooling down, measure two tablespoon of ground coffee to add it later in the mixture
  • Once the oils and lye coffee are at the right temperate, you need to mix them together and stir until you get a thick mixture. Do this process using an immersion blender. The soup mixture must be thick enough to suspend the ground coffee. Now add the ground coffee to the mixture and mix it well.
  •  Now pour the final mixture in the soap mold. Make sure that there are no air bubbles. To give texture to the soap you can use a toothpick and give your favorite texture to it. Leave the mold uncovered because overheating can be caused if you will cover it. Now keep the mold with the mixture in the refrigerator for the whole night. After about 24 hours take the mold out of the fridge and cut the bars out of it.  Allow them to cure for about 4-6 weeks.

Now Let us move towards the discussion about the coffee soap benefits:

    • Coffee is not only helpful for you to stay awake, but it also do provides benefits to your skin. The natural caffeine that is found in coffee has been proved to be very soothing for the skin. Coffee is said to be an excellent ingredient that can be added in soaps as it proves to be very gentle on the winter-reddened skin, sunburned skin or other skin sensitivities. It also provides you energizing sensations that keep you fresh for the day.
    • Coffee also acts as a natural antioxidant that cleans your pores and keeps the deep layer of your skin away from the environmental pollutants. Even if your feet are feeling rough, then massage it with the coffee soap to exfoliate you heels and ankle.
    • Coffee bars acts as self astringent and can temporarily firm up the skin around your arms and legs so that the cellulite deposits can be hidden. This is not going to make your cellulite go forever but it can make them less noticeable for some hours.
    • Coffee face mask benefits: coffee face masks reduce inflammation, redness and the dark circles under your eyes. Also it helps in removing the dead skin and makes your skin feel fresh and waked up from tired complexion.
    • Natural coffee is considered as one of the nature’s best deodorizer. Coffee soap is also used in kitchen in order to clean the sinks. Professional chefs clean their kitchen’s sink frequently with the coffee bar not only because of the hygiene reasons but also to make sure  that none of the previous dishes’ smell contaminates their upcoming creations.




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we are here to share how you can prepare your own handmade coffee soap. Just follow the simple steps to get that beautiful scent of coffee wherever you want it.
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