How to Handle Team As A Female Boss

how to handle team as a female boss

Well if you are reading the article, you are certainly in the following situations:

  • Getting the pulse of being promoted as a Female Boss!
  • Dread to think of the negative perception of the team members for boss lady constantly?
  • In that case, new challenges are on its way!
  • So, step ahead to make the difference in the traditional way of handling the team because this is an opportunity to accept the challenge proudly announce  ‘Try ME’.
  • Keep reading, because now it is time to go the extra mile and look out for some astounding approaches to change the mindset of the lady boss.
  • Team management is the most difficult job which becomes an easy job with experience, skill, and qualification.
  • Handling a team is like being a sandwich between your team members and your management. There are set rules for the same however the way team is handled by a man and a woman is different.
  • People still perceive men to be stronger, logical, and balanced and women until now are considered to be emotional.
  • But times have changed now! Researches have revealed that women are equally successful in handling teams and possess distinctive leadership qualities, however, it’s not at all al cakewalk for them.

So, here we are bringing light to all the major aspects of handling the team as a female boss!

Know by heart, if you are well prepared, nothing can stop you from tasting your success!

Woman in a leadership role requires some interesting strategies for effective team handling.

Let’s get started!

  1. First Thing First
    As a female boss you really need to be good with your work. You should know everything to do the task and more because your team will be looking at you for solutions. For this, continuous improvement is required with continuous learning. As a boss you are there to support the team and motivate them.
  2. Set Goals For Team Improvement
  • Monotony in work is the real story for all and hence, the motivational level keeps changing among employees. A neuroscientist has discovered that a female is blessed with higher oxytocin which is considered as ‘cuddle hormone’. Thus, female bosses have the natural ability of bringing comfort and care for their subordinates.
  • Hence, with the aim of transformation in the team performance, where motivation is the key to the lock, ensure to spend engaging time with the team members.
  • This time, talk about your team members’ personal development path to keep them inspiring by being their role model.
  1. Always Dress Up For Work
  • Never come to work shabbily dressed up. You are seen as a leader and there is a possibility that the male-female ratio in your team might see deviation. Always come to work dressed one level above the team.
  • Formal dressing presents you as a serious professional and business-like. Shabbily dressed female bosses are not taken seriously and it takes tremendous efforts to gain team confidence.
  1. Be Organized And Systematic And IN-Advance
  • Advance planning can include answers to the following activities:
  • What information has to be shared, like the previous day’s performance?
  • What is expected from the team?
  • What are the upcoming targets as per the business requirement that should be shared with the team?
  • Also, how will they achieve their goals should also be told.?
  • How you will do work distribution, if there is some delegation of work how would you like to do the same; turn wise or skill-wise keeping in mind being fair with everyone?
  • How to close the day, taking a confirmation of tomorrow, and thanking them for the day?
  1. Be a part of the Solution
Be a part of the Solution
  • The team will look up for solutions wherever they get stuck. Always be a part of the solution and have options for your team without compromising on integrity.
  • If you have faced similar issues in the early career you would be having solutions for the same. If not, promise to come back with a solution by the next day.
  1. Demonstrate strong Integrity
  • Earlier, women were perceived as bossy when they are seen on a position of authority, however, with time, their mindset has been developed and so now your instruction will not be misunderstood but will be seen as ambitious when worked properly.
  • So, keep in mind, never ask your team to opt for shortcuts or unethical means to achieve goals or targets rather instruct wisely by keeping in mind the capabilities of each team member.
  1. Be A Leader And Not Just A Boss
  • A lady boss can run the team effectively due to its in-built natural understanding of nature.
  • So, welcome the views and ideas of your team members because that is the moment you are effortlessly making them feel important and valued.
  • Groom, train, coach, and give feedback to the team. Improve their skills by continuously working with them and make them come up with the learning curve.
  1. Relationship with the team
  • Being a female boss, you need to be very careful while maintaining a professional relationship with the team. You should know everyone by name and their families.
  • The ways you push your team members would be entirely dependent upon your interactions with them. Some people just need a few motivational words, some might need appreciation, and some might need monetary benefits so align them with targets and work.
  • Yes, there will be some different-minded team members as well. A stick approach works best in such cases; however, people with will issues and destructive mindsets need to be left with human resources.
  1. Communicate Mindfully
  • Take every conversation as a transaction.
  • Do not bring work in general discussion with the team like during lunch do not discuss work.
  • As a team leader you have to guide the team and help them achieve personal goals.

 Tip to remind yourself, empathy, synergy, and the ability to hold things together is the sign of the great leader.

As a female boss, you have the edge above the others because you understand emotions and why a person is behaving in a particular manner, multi-taskers and have cognitive thinking which is the baseline for becoming the best boss for your team members

Always remember that you are a bundle of joy, courage, and talent.

So, make good use of natural strength and qualities by aligning the goals with business and lead from the front.

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