GoGoPDF Guide: An Online PDF Converter You Should Have

GoGoPDF Guide

One of the most used electronic document formats is the Portable Document Format or most people known as PDF. It is the preferred document format when using an electronic document because of many reasons. When using a PDF, it allows the publisher to display the document’s exact format in terms of how he wants it to be viewed. For that reason, the original document can’t be edited out.

However, if you want to edit the document, you can use an online PDF converter tool to convert it into another format and start the document. Hence, the importance of having an online PDF converter tool ready for emergencies like this one.


GoGoPDF is an online PDF converter tool you should have. It is one of the most respected online PDFconverter tools you can have in today’s market. It offers a number of functions like Repair PDF, Merges PDF, Converting PDF files format to format, and a lot more. All of the functions that you can use on this website are available for free.

You can also enjoy a subscription-based service where you can save your documents into their online storage. This is a convenient factor, so you can access your PDF files anytime and anywhere you need them. If you’re uncertain that their service can justify the amount of subscription, then you can always try the free trial.

You don’t need to worry about learning how to use GoGoPDF services because the instruction includes four easy steps that you should follow to convert your documents. You don’t worry because it is simple to convert your documents with PDFBear, all you need to do is follow the simple instruction, and you are done converting your documents in no time.

You can start converting your documents anytime and anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. All you need is these three things; a device that can help you connect to a reliable internet connection. Second is a dedicated internet connection for you to access the website of PDFBear, and lastly, the document itself that you want to convert in the first place.

Repair PDF Files

When you face any issue with your PDF files, you need to quickly repair your document. Do not worry because there is a solution for your damaged or corrupted PDF files. One of the most common solutions to your problem is to use third-party software to help you restore your PDF file. Trusted third-party software is GoGoPDF, which will help you in repairing your PDF files.

These are the common issues you should avoid when dealing with PDF files to avoid getting damaged or corrupted.

  • When you get interrupted when downloading your PDF files online.
  • When you get interrupted when you upload your PDF files online.
  • Unexpected shutdown of your desktop, laptop, mobile, or any device.
  • When you store your document into a hard drive or any storage with a virus or malware, your PDF file is at risk of getting damaged or corrupted.

Compressing PDF Files

You need to save space for your storage to have extra room for other online activities. It is convenient for everyone to have extra room for other online activities, especially when dealing with important unexpected downloads. Hence, utilizing the space of your device storage by only downloading essential files.

If you still don’t have enough space for your other online activities. Another excellent example of how to save up some storage space is by compressing your documents. By compressing your electronic documents, the file size will shrink depending on how small you prefer it. You can choose an option if you want to have the basic compression or strong compression.

One disadvantage of using an online PDF converter tool to compress your PDF file is that it might damage your document’s quality because most individuals that compress their documents are for them to easily share their documents online. The smaller the document size is, the faster you can share your documents all around the world.

Always keep in mind the advantage and drawbacks when using a compressing PDF file. It is not recommended to use compressed PDF for your PDF files that have images in them.


Electronic documents surround us in this modern world. We rely on electronic documents in our transactions for our research, business, studies, and a lot more. That is why it is essential to keep your guard up when encountering some unforeseen issues or needs with your electronic documents. For that reason, why having GoGoPDF available for you anytime and anywhere is an essential thing to have these days.

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