GoGoPDF Guide: 2 Best Underrated Function You Can Use With GoGoPDF


In the world we are living today, multiple online documents surround us. Online documents also have a different format you can make use of. As every document format is inclined with its benefits and drawbacks, we should take advantage of the benefits and be cautious with the drawbacks that come with it.

One way to utilize the benefits and avoid the drawbacks is by converting your documents from format to format. A third-party tool can help you convert your documents in this kind of situation. GoGoPDF is one of the essential online PDF converter tools you can use to convert your documents, especially PDF (Portable Document Format).

PDF format ranks among the most used document formats. Hence, the reason why GoGoPDF includes PDF into its name. GoGoPDF is well known by many because of its converting functions, but only a few individuals know that they also offer a diverse function for every document needs. In this article, you will be educated about the best functions GoGoPDF offers.

Combine PDF

Converting PDF files into another format is the best function GoGoPDF offers. As many know, it is the best function you can use in an online PDF converter tool. The next in line that ranks among the best functions they offer is the combine PDF. Combining PDF files has been an underrated function for every PDF file as only a few people use these functions for their documents.

When you combine your PDF files into a new single PDF file, it allows you to gather multiple PDF files into one. One of the main reasons for this is to have a more convenient experience when reading a PDF file. When all of your PDF files are combined into a single PDF file, you don’t have to open every one of them, which is time-consuming and might disrupt the reader’s pace.

Some individuals also combine PDF files into one for printing purposes. You can easily print a broad number of PDF files without interruption if all of the PDF files you want to print are combined into one. If you don’t have any idea on how to Combine PDF while using the functions of GoGoPDF, here is a step by step guide.

  • You need to select the PDF files that you want to combine into one. By doing this allows you to upload your PDF file into their system. A substitute for that action is using the feature “Drag and Drop” by simply dragging your PDF file and dropping it into their system box.
  • GoGoPDF will merge your PDF files into a new single PDF file.
  • You need to wait for the PDF file to be thoroughly converted
  • Lastly, a download option will be available for you. You can directly download your newly transformed PDF file into your preferred storage. 

Split PDF

Suppose you want to separate the pages of your PDF file and turn it into multiple single PDF files. You will need to split the PDF file into two or more, depending on your needs. This is usually used if you want to extract a page from your PDF file. Extracting the pages that you only need will allow you to get rid of the unnecessary content or topic in your PDF file.

When you split your PDF file, you can experience an underrated benefit of having a lesser file size of the document. Every bit of file size is an important aspect, especially when transferring or sharing your PDF file on the internet. This allows you to share or transfer your PDF file at a much faster pace than usual.

Suppose you don’t have any idea on how to Split PDF while using GoGoPDF. Here is a detailed instruction for you to split your PDF file with ease.

  • Upload your PDF file into their system. You can upload by selecting your PDF file or using the “Drag and Drop” feature.
  • Choose how you prefer your PDF file to be split. Then click on the extract to start the process of extracting your PDF file.
  • Please wait for your PDF file to complete its process of extracting.
  • You can now download your extracted PDF file into your storage.


Every document format has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, the need to take advantage of every scenario to have an edge into this online world. An online PDF converter tool can help you in those kinds of scenarios. GoGoPDF assures every user that all their document needs will be treated with utmost priority.

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