Five ways to relax digitally

Five ways to relax digitally

The importance of taking a break from your screen is often encouraged and there are few things more therapeutic than getting away from technology. But, whether it’s tablets, phones or laptops, we’re surrounded by screens for the majority of our waking lives.

And while a lot of what we see on screen can cause stress or anxiety, modern devices are also capable of entertaining us, engaging us, and helping us relax. Of course, balance is important, but in this article, we’ll discuss the apps and websites that can help you unwind digitally. Here are five of our favorites.

Relaxation apps

If you have a smartphone, there’s abundance of apps available for iPhone and Android designed specifically to help you unwind. Some apps, like Mindbody, help look after your wellbeing by linking you with local health classes, while 10% Happier aims to make you just that through its selection of guided meditation videos. Sleep is another core ingredient of relaxation. App Sleep Cycle lets you set a wake-up phase, which allows it to wake you more gently, giving you an easier start to the day.

Documentary films

Another way to unwind while keeping your mind engaged and wondering is to kick back with a documentary. Whether it’s history, tech, science, or the natural world, a well-produced and accessible documentary can help you relax while learning something new. While your favorite sitcom on Netflix can also be the perfect tool for relaxation, why not consider learning something along the way? Websites like topdocumentaryfilms.com offer selections of films for free, while there are growing collections on each of the mainstreaming platforms, too.


Travel is a wonderful outlet for stress relief, but time and money are often prohibitions for flying out somewhere exotic. Luckily, platforms like Google Maps let you while away the hours, exploring cities from around the world, from the comfort of your couch. The Street View feature lets you stroll around and get a feel for far off lands – the ultimate in digital escapism.


Another way to keep your mind stimulated while escaping the monotony of work is through gaming. Alongside the dedicated relaxation apps are casual mobile games designed to help you relax. We’re not talking shoot ‘em ups or fast action, these are titles that are slow-paced and which help you switch off from some of the more stressful distractions in your life. Mini Metro, for example, lets you design your own metro system, Flow offers an eerie, calming experience that sees you start out as a tiny organism that slowly grows, while slots games can help take relaxation to a next level by offering the chance to win cash prizes while you play. With Piggy Riches, you can also adjust settings to make the gaming atmosphere just right for you.

Video tutorials

The final item on our list also offers an additional benefit and, in this case, it’s learning a new skill. Platforms like YouTube host millions of tutorial videos, covering just about anything, while paid services like Masterclass offer one-to-one digital tutelage from the biggest names in showbiz and craft.

So, whilst shutting your screens down for periods each day is important, you shouldn’t ignore the amazing relaxation possibilities available. Whether it’s on the small screen of your phone or on the TV in your living room, there’s a world of engaging content to help you escape, unwind, and relax.

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