Five Benefits of Compressions Socks for Men

Five Benefits of Compressions Socks for Men

There has been a problematic history of male non-compliance in the use of compression socks and stockings in men. The garments look at times like women’s pantyhose, especially in the recent past. The revelation that compression socks are within 2% as effective as compression stockings (thigh high socks) has raised compliance. Men today should recognize that compression socks are made in all colors, and are usually no different in appearance to others than most men’s socks.

Easy To Apply

Historically, compression stockings were difficult to put on properly, without a second person to help. This would discourage people, especially single people, from being compliant in the use of this very important preventative garment.

Now that compression socks are more commonly recommended, it is much easier to apply the garment, and it encourages daily use.

Easy To Watch For Potential Problems

That said, if you are given a prescription for compression garments, you should be given teaching for the use and application of them. Most people are also measured beforehand to get a better fit. If there are any wrinkles in the fabric after they are on, the wrinkles should be removed by re-applying the compression sock. Especially if there is an underlying cause of diabetes or neuropathy, preventing wrinkles will help keep the skin intact under the socks. If any skin breakdown is noticed during daily skin checks, it should be examined by a practitioner before continuing the use of a compression sock. The same goes for any changes in color to the toes, if the toes feel newly cold or cool, or if they feel numb all of the sudden. It is better to be safe in these situations, and these changes might indicate that the sock or stocking is too tight and circulation is being compromised.

A Great Tool For Lower Leg Swelling

New onset of the ankle, lower leg, or foot swelling isn’t only unsightly, it is a strong indicator that a checkup is needed. Doctors are generally concerned with sudden swelling of one or both lower legs. If swelling in one or both legs is accompanied by a sharp pain in the calf, groin, or anywhere else, or if the affected foot (or feet) appear pale or white, if the nail beds seem to be pale or blue, if sensation to the foot has decreased, or if the foot or feet feel cool or cold suddenly, being seen by a doctor immediately is a prudent thing to do.

Most swelling is not associated with an emergency, but nonetheless, it is important to figure out the cause. Heart issues can easily be a primary cause, and in this case, compression socks alone may not be adequate treatment for the cause of the swelling.

Prevents Dangerous Blood Clots

Prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is one of the most important reasons to wear compression socks for men. When staying in place for several hours or longer, some persons are at risk for this pooling of the blood in the calves or other leg veins. The pooled blood clots, and then the clots can easily break away and cause heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary clots. Even usually healthy individuals are at risk of “Economy Class Syndrome”, so-called from the phenomenon of usually healthy people who, after long airplane journeys, have experienced life-threatening clots and the problems they cause. It is advised to move around the cabin if it is possible to some degree during long flights, to prevent this problem. By wearing compression socks or stockings, the incidence of DVT is further lowered.

DVT can develop in any circumstance where a person is sitting or lying for long periods of time, and in postoperative patients. Surgeons usually prescribe compression socks or other garments as just one of many measures to prevent post-op clots. People who are bedridden also benefit from this measure, and other items like inflatable calf balloons that squeeze the legs on a regular basis are employed to help prevent deadly DVT for underactive people.

Easy To Find and Economical

Compression socks have never been easier or more economical to obtain. Please consult your clinician to see if easily obtained over the counter compression socks are of benefit for you and your health.





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