Fashion Over 50: Stay Stylish as You Age

No matter your age, it’s common for women to feel their best when they look their best. Fashion is important when it comes to defining a woman’s sense of style. Often women gravitate towards certain trends and styles of clothes that help define them as individuals. Overall, fashion is something that often connects all women.

As women age, it’s common for them to lose their sense of style or not know how to dress for their age. Likewise, women will find themselves dressing in ways that don’t make them feel satisfied with themselves; this will have a direct impact on their self-esteem. Does this sound like something you or a loved one are dealing with? This post will detail some styling tips for women over 50 to keep in mind as they choose the kinds of clothing that will define their sense of style.

Styling Tips for Women Over 50

Women over 50 are able to be just as stylish as a woman in her thirties or forties. Whether a woman is newly retired or she is at the point in her life that she uses in-home senior care, she has the right to dress her best in clothing that makes her feel excited and confident. Here are some styling tips for women over 50 to consider.

Dress to Compliment Your Body Shape

Fashion Over 50: Stay Stylish as You Age

This is true for women of all ages but becomes especially true for women that are in their 50’s or older. It’s common for women over the age of 50 to either gain or lose some weight as their lifestyle changes, their metabolism changes, or as their activity levels are different than in their younger years. It’s also common for women to hold onto extra weight if they have carried children. As women are slightly thinner or larger than they were in their younger years, they may not know how to dress for their older bodies.

For women that may have a hard time losing weight in their 50’s, they should consider wearing tops that are tighter around the bust and lose in the stomach. These kinds of tops pair great with leggings or straight-leg jeans. Women that are holding onto a few extra pounds should also consider layering pieces to cover up their insecure areas; perhaps wearing a slightly tighter (but not form-fitting) shirt with some kind of jacket or cardigan on top.

Women that are on the thinner side in their 50’s should avoid wearing overly flowy things, as this kind of style will seem to overpower their body. Thinner senior women should wear travel knit material as it is tight enough to not overpower them, but also not tight enough that it will accentuate their problematic areas that come naturally with age.

In addition to the weight of one’s body in her golden years, she should also think about how tall or short she is. Taller women should wear straight-leg pants, skinny jeans, and long tops; whereas a shorter woman should wear flared or cropped pants and gravitate toward shorter tops.

Wear Clothes that are Appropriate for Your Age

Sometimes women in their 50’s and older catch themselves dressing too young for their age, or in some cases, too old. Women should make it a point to see what is in style for people their age and dress accordingly. Likewise, women should talk to sales associates at stores as they shop to see if what they are buying not only looks good on them but whether or not it is appropriate for their age.

Women in their 50’s and up should try to avoid dressing revealing or in clothing that is too short or too tight. This is a seemingly obvious point, however, many women don’t even realize they are doing it as they dress in their clothes from a few years ago. Clothes that are too young for a woman will make her look like she is trying to save her youth rather than age with grace.

On the other hand, sometimes women end up dressing too old for their age and make themselves look older than they actually are. Though women shouldn’t dress in tight and revealing clothing, they also shouldn’t only turn to sweaters and stretch pants; a style that is common in nursing facilities. Women should make it a point to stay stylish and trendy in their 50’s, not settling for an overly comfortable and mediocre wardrobe.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends

In order to stay stylish in your 50’s, you will also need to stay up to date with the latest trends and styles. One can find the latest trends online by going onto companies’ websites, social media, and ads. Additionally, one can find what is in style by simply going to multiple stores to see what is on display and what the sales associates are dressing people in.

All women should make it a point to shop at multiple different stores in order to find the latest trends and clothes that are right for them; it’s easy for clothes to become outdated and out of style.

Stay Fabulous Over 50

Your age shouldn’t deter you from dressing stylish and feeling confident in what you are wearing. Women over 50 should embrace their age and look at it as a new age of style for them, or the next chapter of clothing for their lives. If you are a woman 50 or over, keep these style tips in mind as you shop in order to find the best clothing for you. 

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