I have use many different brands of Mineral Makeup, many of them like Bare Escentuals lie and says they are all natural and even goes as far as to say No preservatives and yet uses preservatives in their mineral veils and other formulas. This is my list why I would choose Faerie Organic over Bare Escentuals………

Bare Escentuals is just not worth it.
1)They are NOT all natural and preservative free like they say. They use parabean preservatives in their mineral veils and other skin care formulas (links to cancers).

2)They use a cheaper mineral called Bismuth oxychloirde which is a well known skin irritant (can cause itching, rash, breakouts etc-google bare escentuals bismuth oxychloride itcha nd you will see pages of people with irritation).

3)They use cheap fillers (cornstarch) which can cause more dry itchiness (mineral veils).

4)They are overhyped and overpriced for what is in their products.

5)Their foundation looks very greasy and shiny by noon.

6)The foundation wears off quick and you will need to reapply several times.

Why I choose Faerie Organic………

2)They use only the basest ingredients and one of them being BORON NITRIDE which is a expensive high end mineral that is known to be very good for the skin as it is antibacterial, skin soothing and a skin perfector. It also has light reflecting capabilities that conceal wrinkles and aids in the overall healthy looking skin (many other companies also use this mineral, however when they add all the fillers and coatings, you won’t get the same results).

3)They are light, airy, cover very well and leave a healthy glow to the skin (not cakey, orange, powdery).

4)They last all day, even in heat (thanks to the boron nitride).

5)They are more affordable than most brands including bare escentuals.

6) They offer a FREE sample kit so you can try before you buy, unlike other companies where you get stuck into products you don’t like.

7)It helps acne and other skin conditions get better as you wear it (due to the boron which is antibacterial).

I highly recommend everyone try this brand as I feel good knowing I look good but am using something good for my skin and chemical free.


Faerie Organic Mineral Makeup – Awesome!

by elise

The reason I decided to try Faerie Organic Minerals is, well, because of their ingredients. I am soo pleased! I have to tell everybody!

I have used many mineral makeup brands in the past including Bare Escentuals. I did not care for Bare Escentuals as the photos I had of myself looked soooo greasy and my face itched when I sweat due to the bismuth oxychloride.

I found Faerie Organic and was interested due to the fact they use Boron Nitride (instead of bismuth). Boron nitride is known to be a face perfector and antibacterial and is used in the high end brands. They also do not use cornstarch or talc or any other cheap fillers. I especially like that they do not claim themselves to be natural like Bare Escentuals and then use PARABEANS in their mineral veil and other formulas.

Now about the coverage and application, it goes on better than Bare Escentuals and covers better, still has a healthy glow (not cakey and powdery like other mineral makeups) and dosen’t leave you greasy. I went to the beach and this stuff lasted all day, I was impressed. I never feel dry or itchy like Bare Escentuals, just glowy and beautiful.

I have found my mineral makeup and I think it’s here to stay. Better quality ingredients, much more affordable and organic skin care (which I also tried and loved!) to boot! I would recommend trying Faerie Organics above all others as it has quality, affordablity, and a great selection. I highly recommend it!

Faerie Organics

by Anu
(Dallas, Tx)

I was first terribly impressed with Bare Escentiuls. But in less than 2 hours, my face looked terrible. I returned the whole thing and I hate it.

I tried Maybelline, terrible. Did not do anything to me. I used this Faerie stuff, my skin looks gorgeous. I do need touch ups every 4 hours, just a little is enough. The sample is lasting quite a bit. I hate the little ziploc bags the sample comes in.

I do use a primer, and this hides all my blemishes. I think the prices could be a little lower, but I am not going to complain. If you have oily and combination skin like mine, then this might work out well. I have to blot my face once during the middle of the day. But my secret to glowing skin actually comes from the wee little bit of Pure Jojoba oil or emu oil I apply right before the sunscreen and primer. I am from India with Medium tan complexion.

Faerie Organic

by Bianca Lynne

I’ve tried other mineral makeups (BE, Laura Mercier, Jane Iredale, Merle Norman, Sheer Cover,Pur Minerals and other off labels from e-bay).

Faerie Organic is one of the better brands. It provides coverage without looking cakey. I have acne scars and it covers without having to use an additional concealer. The color choice is almost an exact match and I’m hard to match. I’ve had to buy 2 jars from other companies before and mix the colors to get my color. What I like is that you can order samples before committing to purchase a full size product. The company ships fast. I’ve given away all my other mineral makeups and use only this brand. I have and will reorder again.


Thanks Bianca.

Faerie Organic is a good choice. The ingredients are great and it has received positive reviews from others on this page.


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