Factors to consider while buying hiking boots for women with wide feet

It may not always be easy to find the boots that perfectly fit your wide feet. Choosing the correct kind also needs a wise decision. You might sometimes feel that the options are minimal. But it is not so. There are a lot of possibilities for hiking gear to choose from which might perfectly fit you. But when it comes to wide feet, you might not end up being the coolest one. Ranging from size to style, there might be confusion.  

Since everyone has different shaped feet, so what works for one may not be fit for others. When your feet are extensive, you need to choose accordingly. The best time to decide upon the shoes would be at the end of the day or even after a long walk.  So, choosing the right shoes is dependent upon a lot of factors. Some of the elements are as below:

1.    Decoding the particular style

Hiking boots are always made to suit a particular type of trekking. It depends upon you if you are a casual hiker or a person who likes to spend more time deep in the mountains rather than at home. Being a woman you might be very style conscious. If you know the difference between the types of boots available you will be able to choose correctly.

•    If you prefer day hiking, light hiking shoes should be good enough for you. Just a strongly built version of running shoes, these boots can also be referred to like shoes. You can also prefer these shoes for an ultra-light fit.

•    Although if you are hiking on a rocky territory, mountaineering boots will be best for you. They can handle heavy load and also are capable of standing even in the toughest terrain.

•    Another set of boots like Backpacking boots are a combination of a variety of terrain. So, if you head on to a multi-day trek, these would be good for you.

2.    Give Importance to Material

When you choose the boots, the material tends to be of utmost importance. Fabric matters a lot to women. You might want something comfortable and is not cramped. So, you need to find out the right material for yourself. Some types of materials can be:

•      Synthetics: The material in this are often nylon as well as polyester. They are very light and even dry faster when wet though are equally less water-resistant.

•      Split-Grain leather: This one is made of half a grain and half leather. Though this material is very breathable but is not as water-resistant as is full-grain leather.

•        Full-Grain leather: Another kind of stuff is full-grain leather. Most of your mountaineering boots are made up of this. This one is very durable and is also perfect for rigorous hikers.

3.    Fitting

Along with other factors, fitting also matters the most. If you are women with wide feet, you should consider the shoes that fit your wide feet. In choosing the hiking boots for women with wide feet, it is essential to select the right fit. The boot should be such that it wraps around your whole foot comfortably. Make sure it eliminates slippage in the shoe. Your shoes should be such that it doesn’t crush your foot on the sides. Just take time to walk around the shop so that you can learn if boots are fitting you correctly or not.

 4.    Importance of the Cut

Cut off the boots, and they always look essential, especially if you are a woman. Hiking boots do come in various cuts. The cuts shall be such that to suit your type of trekking. If a wound is wrong, it may cause a rolled up ankle or even rocks in your shoes. There are three significant cuts to consider while buying the hiking shoes:

Low-Cut: These kinds are moreover similar to running shoes.

Mid-Cut: They offer more ankle support along with balance required.

High-Cut: This one is best for adventurous hikers.

So, you need to choose the cut according to your requirements.

5.    Giving a test run

When you are done with cuts and sizes, it is time to give a final call to your hiking boots. You should never take your shoes out of the box and head directly to the trail after your purchase, your boots to wear them around your house or also while running errands to break them in. Giving a test run of your shoes will give you a better idea of whether they are or are not the right one for you. Also, if they are not comfortable, you still have an option to replace them.

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