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Excuse Me, I Will Get Ready In 5 Minutes!

I Will Get Ready In 5 Minutes

The movie is supposed to start in 45 minutes. Yet she is not ready. Although, she is facing an interrogative, “When you will be ready”, Her reply; wait, just 5 minutes.  And the rest is history.  By the way, getting not ready in five minutes is not because of her makeup.

She might have got engaged in other stuff too. Like, men often forget to clean their rooms, also they put wet towels in bed after bath, maybe she was putting those things in the right place. 

Women have a synchronized process of working at home. You can not judge her, just because not getting ready in five (5) minutes even though, she said. There may be many reasons for being late.

Let’s catch up some fussy excuses , when a woman gets ready for something :

1. Messy hair
No woman wants to go anywhere, with the hairstyle she wakes up to. She needs to wash the hair, then she wants dry hair with the help of a hairdryer, even better if it gets dried naturally. Then adding a serum to hair, definitely it takes half an hour. See, getting ready in 5 mins, then taking 30 minutes is not just to make up as you guys think!

2. Choosing what to wear
A woman’s love for dresses never fades. A Woman has lots of collections of dresses, but when it comes to wearing, she feels like she doesn’t have the proper dress code for that particular occasion.

Also, it doesn’t mean she  has nothing to wear, it just confusing her what to wear and what not wear to look classy and gorgeous.

She doesn’t want to be the matter of discussion on that particular occasion, just for the awkward dress sense she is having, rather she would love to be the talk of the town for what she has achieved in her life through the stunning dressing sense.  See, how fabulous thinking women have,  still you are intending the punto those five (5) minutes?

3.  Shoes Matching
When she starts getting ready, maybe she is unable to find her pair of shoes or sandals to match with the dress she is wearing. Even if she finds it, but she has discovered it with a broken hill or it is just not polished.

Excuse me, I will get ready in 5 minutes!
Excuse me, I will get ready in 5 minutes!

4. Choosing the right bag:
It is not easy for a woman to choose the perfect bag for any occasion. She gets a little confused when it comes to choosing the bags. Starting from the Hand Bags to tote bags, Hobo bags to duffle bags,  Messenger bags to the satchel, Bucket bags to Bowler bags, Pouch to a wristlet, and Clutch to shoulder bags or saddlebags.

Multiple options are there, so definitely it will take much more than 5 minutes. But, not to make up ha!

5. Jewelry showcasing:
Selecting the right earring pair, among hundreds of earrings require a lot of time. Because a girl prefers, the concept “Mix and Match”.

Literally, it means, if your earring does not match with the outfit you catch, then you are out of fashion.

6. Fashionista Tag:
Trendy outfits are love, but you must know the latest trend. Going to attend a girl’s party, and getting ready in 5 minutes is really a matter of joke. Of course, girls love to have the ‘Drop-dead Gorgeous’ look at a party.

Here, if she says to excuse her for 5 minutes for getting ready,  then you can sleep for an hour.  Jokes apart, this is not because of her makeups. She may be really busy minding her own business.

I Will Get Ready In 5 Minutes

But why you are judging her for taking an extra half an hour?

7. Social Media Swag :
These days , when we attend a party we do things :

Number One: We capture a lot of pictures, just to put captions like “my life in pictures”!

Number  Two: Flaunting dresses and jewelry, and looking at what new dress designs are picked by others!

Number Three : No dress repetition at all.

While going to attend a party , a girl has to undergo lots of circumstances. Starting from not repeating the same dress, as it has many pictures already in social media, to not wearing the same color dress like another girl at the party, A girl has to think a lot! Lot! And a lot !

8.  Selfies after dressing up:
When girls get ready for something, just to check how beautiful they are looking with the dress, they are supposed to have more than 30 selfies with lots of facial expressions on it.

Even if she gets ready in 5 minutes, but with the timers on in selfies are not going to cooperate her in just 5 minutes.

Those are some funny excuses for girls getting ready in 5 minutes! So, don’t confuse your 5 minutes with a girl’s getting ready for 5 minutes.

Life is a serious journey, so why not have some fun with those extra 5 minutes.

And dear boys, praise your girls every day, that she looks beautiful whatever she wears, whatever she carries. If you do these two things regularly, then definitely, she will get ready in 5 minutes. Getting serious? Oh! Sorry, I am just kidding.

Counterpart: Girls’, “Excuse me, I will get ready in 5 minutes is equal to Boys’ “ Wait, I will come in 5 minutes after completing this game.  No more explanation needed. Now, all of you have got your answers.

Hope it helps to discover the funny women things to get ready in just 5 minutes. 

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