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I’ve been using Erth Minerals ( mineral makeup. I love it & the results are magnificent. I began using Erth Minerals mineral makeup after breaking out from Bare Minerals.

I loved the feel of it until the irritation began so I knew I wanted to stick with a mineral makeup but not one with the bismuth oxychloride in it. The cost is 1/2 the price of Bare Minerals & I believe the quality is truly better.

The prices are right, the quality & ingredients impeccable, & the service fabulous. Their foundations are matte, which I love. If I want sparkle, say for a “night time” look, I can add a face shimmer or bronzer separately.



Thank you Janie.

As I do with all products I am providing the ingredients for Erth Minerals foundation from their website:

mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, zea mays-2.0 only (cornstarch), & iron oxides. And, NO BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE!

They are a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Their makeup is not made with nano particles which are so small that they can be absorbed. Many people feel that nano or micronized particles should not be used until more research is completed because it is unclear whether these particles can have toxic effects.

The all over products called Face Colors that was mentioned above looks interesting. It comes in two shades one to provide a rosy glow and the other a golden glow. When I use mineral makeup I choose a color that is closest to my skin tone and it does a great job of evening out my complexion. I then follow up with blush and sometimes I will apply a little blush all over for a bit more glow but I sometimes find I am a little heavy handed and then have to go back and remove some blush.

For me a product like this is tempting because the colors look a little lighter so upon my application all over I don’t look so heavy handed.

For more information about buying and using mineral foundation visit mineral makeup.
To learn more about other more natural choices for cosmetics check out natural cosmetics.


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