Don’t we all wish to eat without gaining weight? These days, people have a never-ending obsession with pizzas, burgers, wings, and other junk food. As a result, the entire world is witnessing an upsurge in obesity rates. It is high time to wave goodbye to these unhealthy eating habits and switch to nutritional foods. Although this transition eliminates the chances of fat buildup, it doesn’t help in burning existing fats. Therefore, if you want to shed the extra pounds, follow a healthy diet with a strenuous workout routine.

Exercising is the best way to burn calories and develop muscle strength. It puts all your muscles at work simultaneously, burning more fat for energy. Believe it or not, weight loss is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Thus, remind yourself that you have got this and stay determined not to give up. Since you don’t develop extra pounds overnight, you can’t burn them in a day or two, either. Whether you are doing high-intensity strength training or cardio – don’t exhaust your body. 

Apprehend your endurance level, strength, and stamina to figure out how much exertion your body can tolerate. If you are skeptical about the weight loss journey, let us help you out. Here are five practical ways to burn fat and look smart. 

When it comes to weight loss, nothing beats cardio. It increases heart rate and boosts resistance capacity, helping you burn more calories than you eat. So, how about you give a shot to cardio exercises? Many people think cardio is limited to walking or running on a treadmill, but there is a lot more to it. Cardio comprises high impact exercises that involve a full-body workout. 

Instead of spending on statutory bicycles, invest in exercise climbers to enjoy high-intensity cardio. It combines muscle-sculpting with resistance training to burn fats quickly. Alongside this, you can combine interval training with cardio once a week to build muscle strength. Besides, how much cardio you need solely depends on your fitness level and body fat percentage. 

  • Integrate Metabolic Finishers 

It is a series of exercises that you perform at the end of your workout. It accelerates fat loss, boosts work capacity, and builds muscle strength. Here are three metabolic finishers that you can add to your training for losing weight. 

  • Prowler Pushes and Pulls: Prowler forces people to sprint, but with a forward lean. It activates the body’s significant muscles, burning excessive fat. 
  • Battle Ropes: These ropes are quite intense and can also create a workout of their own. You can perform jumping jacks, burpees, seated crunches, and various other exercises. 
  • Loaded Carriers: It helps develop overall strength and balance as you have to walk with dumbbells in your hands. 
  • Strength Training 

Usually, people think strength training is only for bodybuilders, but in reality, it is the most powerful tool for weight loss. From heart rate, bone density to metabolism – strength training offers many benefits. It involves lifting weights to build lean muscles that stimulate muscle strength and growth. Having more lean muscle means that your body will burn more calories while working out.  

In addition to this, you can do several things to maximize the fat burn. Firstly, move faster between exercises rather than taking breaks between sets. Choose heavier weights and add a five-minute cardio burst in between to increase your heart rate and resistance capacity. 

  • Give A Shot to Pilates 

Pilates is a great beginner exercise for weight loss. It is a low-impact exercise as beginners can’t jump to resistance exercises for weight loss. You have to give your body sufficient time to adjust to the fitness world. Otherwise, it can lead to muscular injuries, joint pains, and sprains. Pilate’s workouts involve lifting your abdominals, retracting shoulders, and lengthening the neck. It helps you get rid of the belly fat while reshaping your body posture. After some time, you can incorporate weights with your Pilates workout to burn more calories. You can also use some pre workouts supplements for beginners for weight loss.

  • Follow A High-Protein & Low-Carb Diet 

Unfortunately, losing weight without cutting back on calories is impossible. It means you have to follow a high-protein diet to limit the chances of fat buildup in muscles. High-protein intakes will make you feel full, reducing appetite and calorie intake. At the same time, it preserves muscle mass and metabolism. Thus, replace all junk foods and snacks with a protein-rich diet – meat, seafood, eggs, legumes, etc. 

Moreover, you have to decrease your carbohydrates intake as they have a higher glycemic index. It can trigger blood sugar levels, leading to hunger and weight gain. Therefore, switch to a diet that is high in whole grains, buckwheat, barley, and oats. These foods have high nutritional value with a minimal amount of fats, reducing calorie intake, and curtailing the chances of fat buildup. 

Final Thoughts

Unsurprisingly, there is no magic spell for losing weight or burning fats, which means you have to work your way through. It takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation to push your body into the fat-burning mode. You have to keep incorporating physical activity every day – morning walks, jogging, swimming, etc. Likewise, stay away from junk food and treat your body with nutritional foods. Sooner or later, you start fitting into the old clothes.

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