Eco Colors Review


I had the exact same problem you did with the hair dyes, burning and itching. And to think I put up with that and didn’t say a word to my hairdresser. I thought to myself “deal with it, you have to color your gray hair”

That’s when I turned to our local health food store and discovered Naturtint. I tried it once, and towards the end of my color processing my scalp starting burning. Not as bad as the dyes
from the hair salon. At that point I really, really wanted to live as a natural woman and stop putting toxic chemicals on my skin but at the same time I needed go to work in an office environment and look professional. So I thank you for suggesting Eco Colors. I colored my hair this morning (my husband helped) and I absolutely love it!

I had no sensitivity, no burning while processing my hair. I feel so happy! There truly are other products out there that are not as toxic. (I had left my hairdresser and stopped using toxic hair dyes for 8 months, I was using temporary crayon touch up sticks) Thank you again Pamela for ALL your help.

Editor’s note:

Thank you Teresa for sharing your results with using Eco Colors. I am glad you were finally able to find something that works for you and hope it continues to work for a long time.


by Christine
(Wilmette, Il)

Before gray, I used to have medium brown hair and wanted to dye my hair light brown since it is easier with the gray roots. I also had very dry frizzy hair. I tried Aveda and my hair would be like straw.

I switched to henna (from henna for hair) and hated the results I got. I always wound up with brassy orange hair. Besides, doing just roots without dying the rest of the hair, to avoid getting it darker and darker, was practically impossible. Buxus or indigo were not reliable dyes. Buxus fades rapidly and indigo darkens the hair too much and can turn your hair green if you make a mistake.

Frustrated, I tried Palette by Nature and ordered the light brown (8N) but wound up instead with dark brown. Leaving your hair under the blow dryer is a pain and the end result color was dull and unattractive. I was really mad. I had asked the company if, considering that there was henna in the product, I would get brassy or red hair after it faded. They claimed that with the natural line (N) I would not.

I then used lemon juice to try and lighten the color and I was left with the dreaded brassiness. I finally went to a local salon that uses EcoColors and I love the result. Though their product is not completely natural, the result is predictable and I got a very nice natural looking light brown. Also, it did no damage to my hair like Aveda.

Besides coloring with EcoColors I started shampooing my hair once every other week instead of 3 times a week and my hair now looks baby soft instead of frizzy and straw like. I use a light conditioner in between when I want to refresh my hair and avoid using the blow dryer.

Thanks for sharing your hair coloring experience with us Christine. I am glad EcoColors worked for you.

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