Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Clothing More Than Green It Is Fashionable

Eco Friendly Clothing More Than Green It Is Fashionable

What do you think? Is buying eco friendly clothing important to you?

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Not that long ago there was no such thing as eco friendly clothing and while it is still far from mainstream it is at least something most of us are aware of if not wearing just yet.

There is nothing strange about the fabrics being used for eco fashions. Fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy are very beautiful, often soft, can be very easy to care for and are available in designs that don’t shout hippie fashion anymore but are being designed in styles we all can love.

The biggest advantage though to eco friendly fabrics is the environmentally friendly way these crops are grown and the fibers processed and now it often involves more than just the fabrics themselves. More and more it includes concern for the people involved in growing and manufacturing clothing.

Fashion, No Friend To The Environment

Creating clothing is a very large fast-paced industry that consumes huge quantities of materials and resources and until recently has paid little attention to those who make the clothing, how crops are grown, how synthetic materials are produced or the waste that is involved.

We are starting to see a shift in focus to being more eco friendly and ethical but many challenges lie ahead. Not only must the fashion industry make big changes but you and I must also be willing to change some of our buying habits. Learn more by visiting eco fashion.

Is Eco Friendly Clothing A Trend Or Is It Here To Stay?

I suppose that depends to a great extent on you and me and whether we will include eco clothing in our wardrobes and a few things should make it an easier choice.

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  • We have more fabric choices.

New and different fabrics are being used that lend themselves to a wider variety of styles. Large and small retail stores are starting to carry at least a few items made from eco friendly materials. It may take some looking but they are there. It’s a start.

  • There is more interest from designers.

More designers than ever are working with the new eco friendly fabrics and they have a bigger showcase as green fashions play a bigger part of Fashion Week each year.

  • A wider variety of prices makes eco fashion more accessible.

It seems most would agree that eco clothing is more expensive but growing organically, treating workers fairly or creating fabrics in the most environmentally sensitive way costs more. In fact, I am suspicious if I find cheap clothing with a tag that says it’s green or organic. I suspect that upon a closer look these clothes are not as green as they claim.

If eco friendly clothing is in your future the next step is to learn about the different fabrics both natural and manmade that are being used and how to make sure that what you are buying is really green.

Eco Friendly Clothing Fabric Choices

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers that have been grown and then processed in environmentally responsible ways have the added benefit of being biodegradable while synthetic materials are not.

Natural Clothing Company

This soft easy to care for fabric is the most used and most popular of all the eco fabrics. There are no limits to its use. It’s being made into the clothing of all kinds from underwear to jeans and is a popular choice for infant wear.

Hemp has suffered from a poor reputation but new ways of working with it have created some surprising results. It works well on its own but also when blended with other fabric yarns. It offers quite a bit of versatility, making this fabric an eco-friendly fashion choice worth considering.

This is a new environmentally friendly fabric and one of the softest. It is fast-growing and needs little care so there is great interest in using it. For a relaxed style, you can’t beat bamboo.

Another soft fabric that makes a good choice for baby clothes, yoga wear, and pajamas.

Manmade Fibers

This fiber is created by taking the wood pulp and processing it to make fabric. Manufacturers are working on improvements in processing that are making this a good option for eco-friendly clothing while giving us more flexibility to our clothing designs.

  • Eco Fi (originally called Eco Spun)

This fabric made from recycled plastic bottles is being used in clothing from fleece outerwear, sweaters, caps, totes, and even t-shirts.

Recycled Fashion

Recycled Fashion

  • When looking to build a greener wardrobe consider adding resale and recycled clothing. Both take advantage of materials and clothing that already exist but are given a new life while saving resources and energy over creating new. Resale is particularly fun. You can wear designer clothing yet pay so much less. It’s also exciting to see what designers can do with factory remnants that were destined for the trash.

Being green…. wedding dress. It could be two separate subjects but then again maybe not. Women willing to part with their wedding dress once they have worn it provides a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to wear something beautiful, be green (something that already exists is the greenest choice) and enjoy some savings. Check out some great ideas for used wedding dresses from Carbon Footprint Defined.

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