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Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Honestly, not all! It is a pretty common assumption that vaseline does helps your eyelashes grow but, Vaseline helps your eyelashes be more robust and fuller. Thus, many people assume that it promotes lashes growth.

Besides, if you wonder , ‘is vaseline even good for my eyelashes? Then,  Yes, it is.  It has intense moisturizing properties that help the eyelashes in several ways. However, it may not promote growth but can be used on dry skin and lashes.  Moreover, the chemicals present in vaseline help in protecting the outer layer of your skin. 

Does Vaseline Make Eyelashes Grow Overnight?

It does not make your lashes grow. Rather, improve the quality of your lashes and make them thicker. Vaseline can elevate the look of your eyelashes. If applied on the roots, it will appear thicker or fuller and might save you some eye makeup. 

What Can Vaseline Do For My Eyelash? 

Vaseline is an ointment that keeps your skin and lashes hydrated. The moisture-locking property of vaseline creates a gentle coat on individual hair of the eyelashes and helps prevent breakage. 

If vaseline is applied to your eyelashes, they will appear to be thicker and longer. 

Here is how your lashes will benefit from vaseline:

Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow? 
  • It Appears To Be Thicker

After applying the vaseline, you will notice that your lashes will look fuller and healthier. It would help create a look that people get from using eyelash extensions. Vaseline will help in adding volume to your lashes.

  • Moisturze The Eyelash

The petroleum jelly ointment can seal in the already existing moisture of your lashes as well as your skin. Its thick consistency sits on the surface of the hair and does not get in the layers of the hair. 

            However, it’s not recommended to use vaseline on your eyelid or eyelash before putting on make-up. It can create a mess. 

  • Curling Of Lashes

Vaseline helps in the curling of your lashes. If you apply the ointment to your eyelashes and then use a curling brush over it, it would provide your lashes with a curled lash. This makes your eyelashes look longer and healthier. 

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Is Vaseline Good For Your Eyelash? 

Vaseline is the number one petroleum jelly product and is an all-purpose one. It is very gentle on the skin and is a great fit for lash care.

Its moisture-holding capacity is a factor that promises intense hair development. It strengthens the roots of the hair. 

The jelly-based ointment works best when applied in the nighttime. 

Can You Put Vaseline On Your Lashes Every Day?

Yes, you can put vaseline on your eyelashes regularly. You just need to make sure that your hand or the brush is clean to avoid any sort of intoxication on the skin.

How To Apply Vaseline On Your Eyelashes? 

Vaseline is an easy find and application. But some procedures need to be followed for applying it on your lashes. 

  1. Cleaning Your Hands

Make sure your hands are well-cleaned before applying the vaseline to your lashes. A clean hand is an essential step as it can cause skin irritation from the bacteria present in the hand, transfer. 

  1. Clean Your Eyes Or Eyelashes

Cleaning your eyes or lashes before putting vaseline helps you get rid of any make-up or makeup residue that can affect the lashes.

  1. Application Using Cotton Or Brush 

Try using cotton balls or cotton pads or clean eyelash brushes for applying the vaseline to avoid any kind of complications. 
Also, keep in mind, a little amount, used properly, is all you need for the application.

  1. Blinking

Blinking while putting the vaseline on your eyelashes is very important. It will help you get the vaseline evenly and properly on both your upper and lower lashes. 

  1. Brush Your Lashes

Properly brush your eyelashes with a clean dry brush to give them a good shape. It will also help your eyelashes look longer and shinier. 

  1. Use During The Night 

It is highly recommended that you use vaseline on your eyelashes at nighttime, preferably before going to bed. 

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What Makes Your Eyelash Grow? 

Here are some products that promote lash growth:

  • Coconut Oil

This hydrates the lashes and provides them with essential nutrients. Its lauric acid content helps in the proper nourishment of the roots.

  • Lash Serums

These serums contain ‘Latisse’ which is an FDA-approved lash grower. 

  • Vitamin E Oil

This oil reduces hair damage and promotes healthy roots. It conditions the lashes and makes them thicker and softer. 


1. Does coconut oil help your eyelash grow?

Yes. Coconut oil is one of the best ways to grow your eyelashes as it offers proper hydration and nourishment. 

2. What are the drawbacks and tips of using vaseline on eyelashes?

A. If you have sensitive and oily skin, then using vaseline is not a good option for you. It might cause skin damage like breakouts, etc. 
It may also cause temporary blurred vision if the skin around the eye is layered with too much vaseline.
It is recommended to use vaseline at night, before going to bed. 

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