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Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger?

Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger

Yes, running does make your butt bigger though not always, is the answer to this query. Running can increase the size of your behind or, depending on your technique, can reduce the size of it.
Those who are adamant about getting rid of some excess weight frequently try running, but without a structured routine, they run the risk of losing muscle mass rather than fat. You should therefore plan your workout while keeping in mind the objective you want to achieve before hopping on the treadmill or running around your neighborhood until your lungs collapse.

Does Running Build Muscle?

Yes, most definitely, if you run the appropriate kind of jogging. The little proteins known as growth hormones are what tell your muscles to develop. There are many people who believe that lifting weights and working out at the gym is the only method to experience a spike in growth hormone. A study by the US Army Research Institute discovered that steady-cardio, such as jogging and cycling, can cause growth hormone levels to skyrocket, in contrast to high-intensity weight training. 

Additionally, it was discovered that the hormone surge persisted longer and at higher levels in the test subjects who had cycled as opposed to lifted weights.

Research has also shown that shorter distances ran at a faster rate, such as interval training, are connected with the muscle-building benefits of running. In a study of 30 male amateur runners, the greatest distance runners (26.1 miles) had the highest levels of muscle protein breakdown (MPB), which significantly damaged the muscles and prevented muscle growth. So, if you want muscles, your training should be focused on high-intensity, short-duration running.

Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger

Is Running Good For Your Butt?

If you’ve ever seen marathon runners or elite athletes, you know they aren’t exactly known for having bubble buttocks. Conversely, sprinters and other short-distance runners are renowned for having perky posteriors.

This is so because sprinting and endurance running employ distinct muscles and have different energy requirements. So, you must sprint if you want to have a larger bum.

Running works out not only the glutes but the entire body. Running causes your legs and lungs to burn nearly immediately after you begin. The whole range of health advantages might not be felt right first. However, when you run frequently, you start to strengthen your legs, lungs, and nearly every other part of your body. You develop your heart muscles, which are also very important, as well as your calf, abdominal, and back muscles. So, we can say that running does make your butt bigger

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Effect Of Running On Buttocks

What running does to your butt is highly depends on how you are running. For instance if you want a big butt, distance running might not be your best bet. Distance runners use type I muscle fibers, also known as slow-twitch muscle fibers, which is the scientific explanation for why you don’t see elite distance runners with a badonk.

Since type I muscle fibers employ slow, steady energy, they are smaller and perfect for endurance. Your body first activates these fibers when you begin to run. Thanks to increased blood arteries supplying oxygen to your muscles, they enable you to continue running for miles.

The term “aerobic” is typically used to describe cardio exercises that support heart health and muscle tone. This oxygen-fueled system.

So distance running won’t make you develop bulky cheek muscles. But don’t worry, distance running still tones and strengthens your glutes. On the other hand, Sprinting is known to make bums bigger. 

The type II (fast-twitch) muscle fibers used in sprinting burn through a lot of energy quickly.

Larger and more active during quick bursts of movement are type II fibres. Because they don’t require oxygen to maintain these brief bursts of activity, they have fewer blood vessels. As a result, sprinting qualifies as a “aerobic” activity (no oxygen is needed), similar to strength training.

Sprinting *can* increase the size of the booty since these fibres are better able to increase muscular size.

Running comprises three gluteal muscles when we state that it tones your butt muscles:

  • maximus gluteus
  • gluteus minimus and medius,

The strongest and biggest muscle in our body is the gluteus maximus, sometimes known as the big kahuna booty muscle. The more you are aware.

As you run, your surrounding leg muscles are also used to help propel you forward, resulting in toned:

  • calf muscles
  • hamstrings, 
  • and quads

Running also tones the arms and abdominals. This is because as you run, your arms move to aid with balance and coordination. Your abs help to maintain a solid, robust core.

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Total Body Benefits Of Running

The decision to take up running alters your life. You might not realize how much it enhances each component, though. Here is proof of the incredible advantages that running can give you, and they are not limited just to your hinny: 

  • Running lengthens your life.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that running lengthens life. Because of this, it is frequently said that “if exercise were a drug, it would be the most popular pill in the world.” Notable: It would also cost little to nothing, making it the most affordable option.

According to a 2018 meta-analysis of studies on running and longevity, runners have a 25–30% lower follow-up rate of all-cause mortality than non-runners. “Any amount of running, even once a week, is better than no running,” it declared in its conclusion.

  • Running aids with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Running burns more calories than most other household exercises since it requires you to continuously move your entire body weight. Additionally, running slowly won’t result in a maximum burn. Running slowly yields almost as much (but it takes twice as long).

According to a 2019 editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the adage “you can’t outrun a terrible diet” is at best a half-truth. “It is undeniable that exercise may and does result in weight loss,” the scientists write. A “multitude of other favorable benefits on health” are also the result of it.

  • Running helps You Build Immunity 

Laurel M. Wentz and Nieman highlighted “The strong link between physical activity and the body’s defense system” in a 2019 study. They offer guidance on nutrition and exercise levels, as well as data showing that running can enhance gut microbiome composition, lessen inflammation, lower the risk of upper respiratory infections and influenza, and boost antibody response.

Other Exercises To Get A Bigger Butt

The majority of our lower- and full-body actions, from squats to jumping, are primarily powered by the glutes. It’s crucial to include butt workouts in your programming if you want to improve your stamina, stability, and power while reducing the risk of injury.

We have listed some of the top glute workouts below.

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Weighted Glute Bridges
  • Donkey Kicks 
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Scissor kicks 
Does Running Make Your Butt Bigger

Another important aspect of growing a bigger butt is the food you eat. Make sure you incorporate more protein and healthy fats in your diet to get the full results out of these exercises. 


1.Can running help slim thighs?

You may have observed that the best runners have a trait when observing them compete in a marathon or even a distance track event. Their legs are well-defined, slender, and slim.

Running is among the finest activities for lowering body fat and reducing the size of the muscles in the legs, which explains why. Legs and thighs get smaller and leaner as a result.

2. Does running burn fat?

Yes. Running is a fantastic workout for burning fat. In fact, it’s challenging to beat when it comes to weight loss. The American Council on Exercise found that a runner who weighs 180 pounds can burn 170 calories by running steadily for 10 minutes.

3.Does running help with weight loss?

Absolutely. If all the conditions are good, running can burn up to 671 calories in 30 minutes. Running is an aerobic workout that has numerous positive physical and psychological effects. Weight management is one of them. There is proof from science that doing less than three hours of cardio a week can help you keep your weight in check.

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