Ditch the chemical cosmetics. Try natural coffee to prevent aging.


Not at all like the common myth that coffee makes you old faster, it’s really not true. Coffee does the exact opposite to that we believe. It surprisingly affects the age-related inflammation which is a significant function of the body’s immune system. It is a reaction to fighting with diseases and evacuating toxins. As we age, our bodies become less productive at managing levels of inflammation. It has been found that older people who are avid coffee drinkers have lower indications of inflammation. So, coffee has proven ultimate anti-aging health advantages, from diminishing inflammation to reducing the overall risks of illnesses and extending the life expectancy.

You may rely on a cup of espresso to boost your metabolism and give you a fresh start of the day. While coffee is most generally used as a beverage, it’s likewise gaining popularity for being an alternative solution for the glowing skin. All thanks to its antioxidants, which incorporate phenols that help fight against free radicals that can prompt skin damage.

While regular usage of coffee can provide you antioxidants inside, the implied skin advantages by coffee are primarily acquired topically. This includes making a scrub, mask or paste from fresh coffee beans and applying them to your skin directly.

We have collected some facts that will let you know how natural coffee prevents aging. Check out facts’ full list here.


Coffee is rich in antimicrobial properties that fight the germs and protect your skin from them. Coffee beans make an incredible exfoliant as it doesn’t dissolve in water, which makes them great at removing dead skin cells by scrubbing. Coffee substances also help to promote healthy and glowing skin thus prevents aging. It has an antioxidant named Caffeic acid that helps in boosting collagen levels in your skin and minimize the premature aging of cells.

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It’s very simple to make an exfoliating scrub. You just need to combine 1/4 cup of fresh coffee beans, a ¼ cup of brown sugar along with lemon juice as per your desired consistency.

Scrub the coffee mixture on your skin at least once every week after washing your body. Let the scrub sit on your skin for a few minutes, and then rinse it off.


Coffee may help in completely getting rid off your puffy and inflamed eyes. Caffeine stimulates blood flow and augments, or enlarges the veins. This expands blood flow in your skin which can push the skin to normally tighten. The outcome might be a decrease in the reduction of liquid under the eyes.

Different compounds in coffee, for example, chlorogenic acids, may likewise lessen inflammation around the eyes.

Try dabbing coffee beans paste all around your eyes to soothe eyes from inflammation and puffiness.


Coffee beans contain antioxidants that may protect you from ultraviolet rays. The antioxidants polyphenols that include in coffee beans may ensure against bright (UV) beams and a few indications of aging based on sun exposure.

In a recent study, it has been found that the highest consumers of polyphenols, from coffee or different sources, had less UV age spots on their faces. Drinking espresso or applying it to the skin is the direct approach to deliver these antioxidants to the body.



Coffee can also help lessen the presence of cellulite on your skin. A research report revealed that a topical slimming product containing caffeine and a few other active mixtures was increasingly effective at diminishing stubborn cellulite in ladies than an inactive product. But, still this study is beyond the realm of expectation state and it’s not ensured that whether the caffeine, another substance delivered the effective outcomes.

You can try utilizing fresh coffee beans to clean and exfoliate cellulite zones. The exfoliation process with coffee beans may also help stimulate blood flow while leaving your skin super smooth and glowing.


Scrubbing coffee beans on the scalp can help you shed off dead skin cells. The hair and scalp are normally acidic. So, if you use hair products with higher ph value than the hair can cause frizziness, dullness and can damage your hair.

Coffee is also naturally acidic in nature.  So, by applying it to the hair you can easily rebalance the ph value of your hair and scalp. Rinse your hair with cold, brewed coffee or rub its beans into the scalp. This can likewise scour away dead skin cells from the scalp.


The stimulants, chlorogenic acids, and antioxidants in coffee make it a powerful acne treatment facial scrub. Skin breakout happens when dead skin cells, oil, and different substances stop pores, which can become infected by bacteria, bringing about inflammation.

Coffee beans scrub can clean up dead skin cells and unclog the blocked pores. The chlorogenic acid present in it may also decrease irritation and ensure protection against certain strains of microbes.


Coffee is effective at smoothening & glowing the skin as well as it cleans the feet perfectly. Cleaning the feet with coffee beans mixture can help restore dead skin cells from the soles of the feet and its stimulating effects can also help to increase circulation and flow of blood in that particular area. You can easily make a foot bath scrub at home. First, start with brewing a few large cups of coffee then add both coffee and its used beans to a small tub. Let the coffee to cool for some time so it does not burn your skin. After cooling the coffee, soak your feet in it and use the beans to shed away dead skin cells.

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Coffee is a natural color booster for hair. People who want to add a little depth to their naturally dark color can use coffee to give a twist to their hair. To give coffee shade to your hair, first, start with brewing strong coffee and let it cool at room temperature. Then, add this mix to a large basin. Bring along a glass and a hair shower cap.  Lean your head over the basin, then pour the coffee with a cup on your head so that all the hair is completely soaked up in coffee. Wring the hair out and organize it in a bun or cover them with the shower cap. Allow the coffee to soak in your hair for about 30 minutes to 3 hours. Wash them off in the shower. If you want more dark shade in your hair, then you can repeat this process.

Final Thoughts

Coffee brings great benefits to our lives such as the Lower risk of stroke; improved memory, Increase fat loss and it can even improve mood and helps in reducing the causes of tension & anxiety. With the variety of benefits natural coffee for skin, scalp, and hair it is for sure if you bring it your regular use it would definitely help you fight against various issues whether it’s physically or mentally. And if you will stay stress-free and disease free, then you will definitely look young, feel young and stay young forever! Results of coffee usage can vary from person to person. So, if you are unsure about coffee usage on your skin, then you should contact your trustworthy dermatologist beforehand.

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