Dance is more than a hobby – should you include it in your lifestyle?

Between work and family, you need to find some time for yourself – engaging in activities that bring you joy will have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. However, when adopting a new hobby, you need to choose something you are not only passionate about but something that can provide you with benefits for your lifestyle in general.

Dance has become a popular activity for an increasing number of women, and once you discover the many benefits this type of activity actually offers, you might understand why you should experiment with dancing yourself.

Many say that dance is more than just a hobby – it’s a way of enjoying life. The motion, the music and the feeling of connecting with others through a rhythm you love, can do wonders for your lifestyle. Here are some of the aspects that you should be aware of if you are currently trying to decide whether you should join a dance course:

It keeps you in shape

You already know how important exercising is for a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, actually getting yourself to work out is quite hard if you have never been the athletic type. Well, with dancing, you have the perfect solution.

While helping you maintain your figure and even lose a couple of pounds, dance will never seem like a strenuous workout. You are exercising but you are having fun at the same time, so this can become your go-to workout routine whenever you aren’t in the mood for fitness, jogging or any other form of exercise.

It’s not hard to see the impact dance has in terms of keeping your fit. You’ll never see a professional dancer out of shape. And as long as you practice it as often as you should, improving your figure is possible.

Mental escape

Whether you are having a family problem, or your work is causing you a lot of stress, managing to obtain a moment of actual relief isn’t always easy. Everyone needs a “mental break” from time to time, but not all hobbies or leisure activities actually allow you to truly disconnect from your worries.

Dancing can, however, provide you with that mental escape you are often dreaming of after a long and tiring day. Even if it’s just recreational, this sort of activity works great in lifting your spirit and helps you detach from anything that might be currently affecting your state of mind or emotions. Rhythmic movement is pointed out by specialists to be an effective trigger of endorphins releases, which directly influence your mood.

So whenever you are having a bad day or are going through something that simply doesn’t allow you to relax, a few dozen minutes spent on a dance floor or at a dance class can completely shift your mindset. Strictly Dancing TV show judge, Craig Revel Horwood, is a clear example of how happy and positive dancing can make you. You can keep up with the news about Craig and get the motivation you need on the subject of dancing and how it can improve your life.

Social connection

We are social beings by nature and interacting with others is an essential part of a happy life. Perhaps your current lifestyle doesn’t exactly push you into the meeting and talking to new people, and this could be affecting you without even realizing it.

When you join a dance class, you will inevitably have to engage in social interactions. Dancing is a great way of getting closer to others, creating a bond, and even making new friendships. The social skills perfected this way can turn out to be useful in various other life areas. Also keep in mind that a shared passion can often trigger solid friendships, and this may be current something you need.

Improved physical health

Besides helping you ensure better weight management, dancing can contribute to your physical health in many other appealing ways. Your muscle tone and strength will be boosted, you’ll notice an increase in terms of endurance and motor fitness, the condition of your heart and lungs will benefit from an improvement, and you’ll also reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. You’ll become a healthier and happier individual, all while having a lot of fun.


A few weeks of dance lessons, and you will immediately notice your self-esteem rising. Many people engaging in this type of activity have experienced a confidence boost, and if you are having troubles in this department, it might actually help you as well.

How to get started with dancing

In order to access all of the benefits highlighted here and to actually make dance more than just a simple hobby you engage in from time to time, you need to know how to get started.

  • Choose a style – think about what type of music you like listening to the most and choose a style that suits your taste. Although you shouldn’t limit your choices to just one genre, it’s best if you start off with something you actually love, such as Latino dancing, for example.
  • Find a beginner’s class – because you may not be confident in your abilities here, enroll in a class that is designed for beginners. This way, everyone will have the same skills, and you can fit right in.
  • Embrace it! – the dance floor isn’t a place for worries, so once you start dancing, you should truly embrace it. Don’t be too strict when it comes to following indications, but try to enjoy yourself and go with the flow of the music.

Perhaps you have been looking for the perfect free time activity, and you have discovered that many women choose dancing, but aren’t quite sure if this is actually something you’d enjoy. Well, now that you know more about dance, and why many consider it more than a hobby, you’ll give it a try for yourself. The benefits are clear and once you make dance part of your lifestyle, it’s impossible not to notice an improvement on both your physical and mental wellness.  

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