Countries Along With Apps That Are Ahead In The Race Of “Dating”

Everything under the sun has been developing. From technology to even the concept of dating, nothing has remained constant in the universe. Thanks to the evolving technical support, the abstraction behind the concept of dating hasn’t been the same.

The touch of progression formulated a whole another dimension when it comes to “seeing someone”. From courting the person in an old-fashioned way to chatting up till you become ‘familiar’ with each other, it is all due to the creation of apps that it has changed.

The Historical Account Of Medium of Dating:

Before the latest manifestation of dating took place via applications and social media accounts, it was the advertisement section that was used as a tool to establish a connection. Every medium of application became a tool for communication.

The first medium that became the tool to “find love” was the newspaper. The first recorded lonely-heart adverts appeared just after five years of the modern newspaper was invented, that is 1695.

The advertisement that was placed by the 30-year-old bachelor in the UK said that he was looking for a “good young gentleman with a fortune of £3,000 or so”. Think he found the girl? Let’s fast forward to 1965.

In this year a bunch of Harvard students used the IBM 1401 computer so that they can create Operation Match. It was the first-ever matchmaking service in the USA that came to be just six years after the advent of technology.

Following the example, dating applications also took influence from mainstream social media. MySpace was still going hot in 2003, meanwhile came Facebook, at that time known as ‘Hot or Not’. Within three years, MySpace launched dating websites PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and Badoo.

In 2012, it was the turn of Tinder and Hinge to spread the word that ” a new boss is in town”. Moreover, the popularity of the application put an accelerated stance in the dating world.

So Which Country Is More Prone To Using Dating Applications?

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Guess which continent is least open to the idea of using dating apps? Asia. Shocked? We were too. Given how Asia is one of the biggest continents in the world, one might have thought that there will be more willing participants, but in reality, it is the opposite.

Depending on the cultural differences and the notion regarding dating, it has been found that only 9 of the 41 researched countries in the continent had dating apps ranked in the top 100 of their respective iOS app stores.

Of those nine places, Armenia, Myanmar, and Brunei having populations of less than 450,000 ranked above the 90th-most popular spot. In contrast to Asia, it was South America that showcased promising results.

The average ranking of the most preferred dating apps among the 12 countries was 68.5. it is higher than any continent. Of those 12 countries, only 10 had a dating application that made it to the top of the respective application stores.

What is a pre-given is that it was Tinder that topped the charts for each of these lists? However, if you want a thorough idea of the place where to hit, we recommend you to hit Bolivia. Here Tinder ranked 49th in the respective application store.

Some of the places that the dating app ranked inside the top 65 are Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela. However, it was Europe that caught our attention.

The statistics that we received exhibited a stark contrast, not in terms of enthusiastic participants but also in terms of cultural indifferences and acknowledgment.

The result shows the cultural differences that lie between the east and the west continent. In all of Europe, the average ranking for the most preferred application in the continent hit the mark of 88.9% in the iOS App Store.

Although the number is slightly lower than other continents, the overall picture is very different. The most prolific and enthusiastic participants are noticed in Germany, where they were more prone to using Tinder, making it hit the 55th spot in the App Store.

However, northern, as well as eastern Europe, has remained on the rock because they are not fond of the concept of using dating apps to find love.

To pinpoint the place, the countries where you may fail to find love in Europe are Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Turkey, for no dating app made it to the list of 100 apps in their App Store.

Let’s Discuss The Top Three Dating Applications:

The top three dating applications that have changed the world of dating are….

  • Tinder: Tinder made it to the top among other dating apps in 165 countries. It scored a perfect 86%. Moreover, currently, it has more than 50 million users.
  • Badoo: It has 500 million users with 7% users using it out of 165 countries.
  • Bumble: The user base extends to 42 million, moreover, it topped the list of 2% among the 165 countries.

Ending note:

It is very apparent from the result that there are plenty of different individuals available having their distinctive attitudes towards the concept of online dating. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that it is the phenomenon that can make a change in your love life.

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