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Cost-Effective Tooth Replacements: What’s the Best Way to Go?

The last thing anyone thinks they’ll have in their life is a tooth replacement. Maybe it was an accident that knocked one loose or some other odd circumstances that led to you looking into dental implants. Whatever your scenario is, you want the best option on the market to help you get back to your smile. 

It’s no hidden fact that tooth replacements can be an expensive ordeal. You have to factor in the actual surgery, the trip to the dentist’s office, the cost of materials, and, of course, the cost of your recovery time. Even with insurance, these oral surgeries can come with a large price tag. You want to make sure that you get what you paid for and leave completely satisfied. 

Each procedure is going to look different. Your oral environment is different from anyone else’s, and your dentist wants to meet your specific needs! 

There isn’t a quick and simple price point for a tooth replacement due to the nature of the procedure. With everyone being different, it’s impossible to pin down one consistent cost to meet everyone’s individual needs. 

So what’s one to do when they need a cost-effective tooth replacement? 

The best way to go about this is to consider how long the replacement will last and how long that recovery time will take. Those are the main factors in ensuring that you choose the best option for your implant. 

The last thing you want is for the replacement to break or otherwise get damaged. Zirconia implants, also referred to as ceramic implants, have proven to last a lifetime, and lack any materials that may cause an allergic reaction or some other traumatic oral response thanks to the bioinert materials that make up the implant. The beauty of this is that once the procedure is taken care of, there is no need to worry about replacing your implant for the rest of your life! No more dentist visits for that one tooth or emergency calls because something in the implant caused a severe reaction. Your smile can look as radiant as ever and you don’t have to worry about complications. 

Zirconia implants are also specially designed for one-stage surgeries. What does that mean for you? It means that the procedure to insert the implant itself happens all in one day. It also means that quick recovery time is in your future, instead of having to wait around for your mouth to heal from a two-stage, invasive surgery. There’s no need to wait around to be able to enjoy your favorite foods out of fear of knocking something loose. 

Additionally, payment plans can be made to fit your individual needs. Your dentist office will be able to help you choose the best flexible and affordable plan for you to make the entire process a perfect fit. 

So get back to that grin and that healthy smile! Ceramic implants are the best option on the market to ensure that you get your stellar smile back in no time!



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