Common Symptoms In Women And What They Could Mean

Everyone feels the odd twinge every now and then, but it’s important that you’re always aware of the strain that is put on your body and the potential issues that could be underlying causes of your minor problems.

After all, as you get older, you’re bound to feel a few aches and pains, and everyone experiences small health problems every now and then, but some minor ailments could actually be something more serious.

Read on to find out more about the minor health concerns that could be something worse and what you should do if you experience prolonged problems.

Spots Or Rashes On Your Face

Bumps, spots, rashes or small patches of dry skin could be a sign of many different things, but if the issue is confined to your face then it could be a sign that you’re allergic to your makeup or beauty products. If you do notice that you are getting rashes after introducing a new product into your daily skincare regime, then try removing it and check the ingredients list to see if you can identify what is causing the problem.

Bumps On Your Breasts

Any bump or change to the soft tissue on your breasts should be investigated by your doctor, as it could be a symptom of a serious issue such as Breast Cancer. There is a possibility that it is benign or something less serious such as a fluid-filled bump or a large spot, but it’s important that you check with your GP because a more serious condition could affect your fertility, ability to breastfeed and other important bodily functions.

Irregular Periods

During your life, your periods will probably change day, duration and flow, but increasingly erratic and inconsistent bleeding could be a sign of a range of issues. It might be something serious, or more likely a minor issue such as an ovarian cyst. If you head over to The London Women’s Centre website, you’ll find a useful guide that informs you of the various symptoms of ovarian cysts and the treatment options available. So, explore the signs and see if you recognize them and if in doubt visit a specialist clinic or your doctor to learn more.

Back Ache

Aches in your back could be caused by a number of issues, including poor posture, a bad mattress or overexerting yourself in the gym. Another common cause of backache is wearing an unsupportive bra, particularly if you have large breasts. If you do notice that your back is hurting, particularly around the middle, then try visiting a department store and being fitted for a bra. The initial cost of a new, fitted bra is high, but it will be worth it to enjoy better support, a more streamlined figure, and reduced backache.

A Sustained Bad Mood

Being in a bad mood is not a serious health issue, as it usually has a trigger, such as being given a parking ticket or losing your phone, or it could be the result of a lifestyle change such as reducing the amount of exercise you do or drinking too much alcohol. However, if your bad mood persists and starts to affect other areas of your life then it could be a sign that you have a mental health condition. Some problems, like minor depression or anxiety, can be dealt with using counseling and by making lifestyle changes, whilst serious depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions might require medication and specialist support. Speak to your doctor to find out more about what your symptoms mean and the support that’s available to you.

Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Heartburn and acid reflux are both issues that often occur during pregnancy or could be a symptom of a gastric issue. However, usually, these two issues are caused by simple actions such as eating too quickly or smoking. As such, if you find yourself getting acid reflux or heartburn, make small changes to your lifestyle to help relieve your symptoms. If the problem persists then consult a healthcare professional.

Hot Flushes

Experiencing regular hot flushes, particularly when it’s not particularly warm, could be a sign that you are approaching menopause. If you are experiencing this symptom, then you should visit your doctor to learn more about the other symptoms and how you can adapt your life to make this major event as straightforward as possible. Young women experiencing hot flushes should visit the doctor immediately, and older women who may be experiencing the menopause should also check with their GP to discuss ways to alleviate the symptoms and leave you feeling more comfortable.

Keeping yourself healthy is a vital part of life, so take the time to read about all of the minor issues on this article. If in doubt, visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms and check that they’re not more serious so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

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