In today’s market, there are thousands of soaps that you would find attractively packed, decorated and professionally advertised to attract buyers all around the globe, but only a few of them are worth buying and provides true value for money.  Out of those very few Cleopatra soap manages to get its name enrolled which has truly gained a worldwide acceptance. 

This bar soap is made out of original product embedded with the goodness of copra, the essence of coconut oil and last but not the least Cleopatra Creme et Parfum which really does wonders to your skin and provides a soft touch of glow and radiance.  Moreover, the smell will just make you go crazy about the product and will simply not disappoint you by any means.  This product can truly beautify you core from inside and make everybody feel your presence whether be at the workplace, home or outside.


Coming to the packaging of this product, this 125 gm bar soap is of per excellence by any means.  The out cover looks brilliant with radiating and glowing colors comprising of golden yellow and blue that truly looks stunning and wonderful.  The packaging is made in such a way that no air can penetrate through the packet keeping the soap moisture free and fresh.  On the cover, there is a picture of Cleopatra depicted signifying the glamour and sensitiveness of this bar soap.  Made in France, the packaging of the product does meet all the criteria and International standards.

Ingredients, feel and texture, smell

This one of a kind cosmetic and bathing soap can be used in multiple ways as per your requirement.  The company has made every effort to meet up with the quality requirements and thus this product contains all natural ingredients that by no means can affect your gentle and soft skin.  This product contains the goodness of rich moisturizing cream along with the goodness of copra.  The soap is enriched with the essence of pure coconut oil that penetrates in your skin easily and gives it a soft and gentle look.

The feel and texture of this soap are very much unique.  It feels like smooth and soft, very gentle to the skin and does not contain any harmful chemicals by any means.  It gently wipes out the dart from your face and body from the core of your skin pores without affecting the skin by any means.  It is good for all types of skin especially for those who are having a rough, hard skin.

Talking about the smell, it just wonders.  The fragrance that is embedded with the soap not only makes you feel refresh and soothing but also personifies your presence out of the crowd.  Whether be in your home, outside or working hard in your workplace, the smell really makes your presence felt which is quite unique.

Price and availability

This unique product comes in a very low price range when compared to other luxury skin and bathing soap of similar quality.  There are different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing this product.  Cleopatra Beauty Cream Soap can be obtained either in a combo pack of three (3x 125gm) by Cleopatra Paris at the price range of $18.02 (if you search in whereas, the single pack can cost you $11.45 price range.  This is a well-renowned product and can be easily available in stores.  You can also avail this product online with a certain amount of discount (sometimes applicable).  The pack of three always gets cheaper in price when compared to purchasing a single unit.

Personal experience

My personal experience with this soap has been really touchy and pleasant.  Since I got this soap as a gift from one of my relatives, I used it and felt quite nice.  The softness is the most unique part of this product.  Once I washed it off my face, my face gave a glowing and stunning look and the roughness that I felt from a long time was no more.  It provided me with a soothing and silky texture and my skin had more radiance that it had previously.  It was unique in the sense that after a long time the fragrance was there which is just awesome.

After using this product on a regular basis for about a week and a half I really got to see the change in my skin.  The blemish and dark patches that my skin had were gone and the roughness was no more.  The creaminess of the Cleopatra soap made all the difference to the tone of both my face and the whole body.

Thus I have recommended some of my friends and colleagues to try out Cleopatra Beauty Cream Soap as I have been immensely impressed with the quality and after effect of this beauty bar.

Pros and cons

Speaking about the pros of this product, there are quite a few:

  • It is soft and creamy in feelings.
  • Does gives you skin a natural glow.
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Does provide a long lasting fragrance after wash.
  • Soft and gentle to the skin.

The cons

  • Not available in all countries.
  • Does not provide much advertisement for the general mass.
  • The marketing team is quite weak.
  • Not easily available in the stores or the online portals.

Final verdict

This is a truly magnificent product to use.  People that have used this product have rightly given a 100% thumbs up to this due to its super quality and the after effect.  If you are looking for a soap that meets all your requirement then Cleopatra Beauty Cream Soap is the best option to go with.  This skin care is registered product is good for all skin types especially for those who are having dull yet sensitive skin.

I would recommend all to give this product a try and see the difference in you that you have been looking for.



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