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If you are looking for natural makeup with really great natural ingredients you are probably not going to find it advertised in popular women’s magazines or on television. We are bombarded with ads from the big name brands like L’Oreal, Cover Girl and Revlon and to be honest they can be hard to resist. I mean really, don’t those celebrities and models look good. These clever and appealing ads are carefully designed to convince us their makeup works best but more often than not it is a little clever photo editing that is responsible.

It’s working. We’re buying it but what most of us are not paying enough attention to in our quest for beauty is the ingredients being used in our makeup or the animal testing that is involved.

Problems With Conventional Makeup

Animal Testing

Some very popular brands of cosmetics use animal testing for their products. That mascara or eye liner you use to make your eyes stand out may have been used in an animals eyes to test for safety. This and worse are tests are performed everyday.

Now, of course we want our products tested for safety but there are other ways to do this. Natural makeup companies use them all the time. There are a few big name products that have changed their policy but other’s have resisted change. I think you would be surprised which companies continue to use animal testing.

If you care about animals and want to end this type of testing, learn more about this through Caring Consumer or check out my page on animal testing. These poor animals can live horrible and sometimes painful lives often for the sake of our beauty.

Do you really want that?

Questionable Ingredients

Have you read the label on the back of any of your makeup products lately? Many brands of makeup use synthetic and sometimes toxic chemicals for their products. Cream and liquid makeup present more of a problem because they use preservatives to keep them from going bad. While some companies are using safer natural preservatives some use different forms of parabens some of which are considered toxic.

My big concern with chemicals in our products even some of the safer ones is the almost constant exposure our skin gets to them everyday. Don’t you use more than one product on your skin? It is all these different combinations of ingredients that make it impossible to determine what effect they will have but you can help minimize exposure by choosing makeup made from natural ingredients.

Try This Experiment

If you really haven’t read the labels on makeup, try this. Go to the Skin Deep website. (See the link below.) Here you will find makeup from companies large and small. Look at the ingredients for one of the safe brands. Now go to the end of the list and look at the unsafe makeup, their scores are listed in red. Are there brands here you recognize or use? Look at the ingredients.

Do a search for your favorite makeup. Is it there? Where does it fall on the list? Are the ingredients ones you feel safe using on your skin? Do they do animal testing?

This link for Skin Deep will take you to their opening page, click through to the database for makeup foundations. Check it out. I’ll wait right here.

Is it time to try natural makeup?

It Doesn’t Get More Natural Than Mineral Makeup

Have you tried mineral makeup yet?. It is some of the safest makeup around and now it can even be found in liquid form. I am a convert having been a long time cream foundation fan. Read more about mineral makeup.

Great Choices For Natural Makeup.

The best natural makeup companies are more concerned with providing safe, natural, ethical products and animal testing has no place in their philosophy. Below you will find natural makeup for everyone.

women of different color


  • Lavera


Winner Best Liquid Foundation in 2009. BDIH certified. (Insures safe ingredients, cruelty free, eco friendly packaging and more.) This foundation comes in two different coverages for either more coverage or lighter coverage. Also comes as a tinted moisturizer. Check into ordering Lavera from All Natural Cosmetics (below) because they offer samples so you can see if this foundation works for you and to help you decide on the right color.


  • All Natural Cosmetics

You will find several different lines of natural makeup here. Shopping is easy because they do the checking for you. The products they carry have to meet their standards.


No animal testing.

No synthetic chemicals.

No pesticide or herbicide residues.

No artificial colors.

No artificial preservatives.

Plenty of samples available so you can try it before paying for the full size package. Plus, isn’t experimenting fun.

  • Dr. Hauschka


This company believes that “You don’t have to sacrifice your healthy skin to look your very best.” They are committed to being environmentally sound, using fair trade practices, no animal testing and giving back to the world. All that in skin and beauty products that are created with a unique and holistic approach to skin care.

After a visit to their site you may come away with new ideas to skin care.


  • Natural Solutions


Here you will find an asssortment of mineral oil free foundations that are reasonably priced. Sheer natural looking coverage is available with tinted moisturizers and for a more finished look consider Sante Cosmetic Soft Cream Foundation. Natural Solutions is a great place to shop for safe, natural beauty products.

The next time you are in the market for some new makeup check out natural makeup products first.

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