Chocolates Are Best Boyfriends

Chocolates Are Best Boyfriends

Chocolate Mania : 

Have you ever met a person, who is not fond of chocolates?  The only eatable in this world,  with no haters. When you have it in your hands, you feel pure bliss. It makes you happy whenever you are sad! It helps you to swing your moods anytime whenever you are sad, or angry or hungry! 

Chocolates as boyfriends: 

Imagine having your boyfriends as chocolates. You would have eaten him whenever you are hungry, you would have thrown him in the freeze whenever you are angry! You could have used it the way you want your boyfriend to be! Ever think of eating chocolate as your boyfriend?

Now, let’s go through some imaginary benefits of having chocolates as your boyfriends!

1. Perfect mood swingers: If you choose, chocolates as your boyfriend, you are probably the luckiest person ever on earth. It will leave no stone unturned to make you happy. Literally, we girls are always moody. No matter how much we try to be happy in every aspect of life but our moods swing like the speed of a bullet train!

Usually, we treat our boyfriends according to our mood swings, and the boyfriends also bounce back us with taunts. But, when you date chocolate, you can swing your moods 100 times a day. It will never hurt you!

2. Different types: When you date a guy, you can not say him anything about other guys in your class. He gets jealous and says you to date that another guy from your class. We girls have much diversification in choices! Starting from a guy’s beard to a guy having a bullet bike, from a boy’s career to a duplex house, from eating street foods to a romantic dinner date on Burj Khalifa! Our minds roam around the world with every living and non – living things.

And, when you say your boyfriend about what you want, he comments you as a materialistic girl in every second date! So, stop wasting your time with a boyfriend and date chocolate. You will get the chance to date with;

  • Dark Chocolate 
  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate 
  • Ruby Chocolates

See, four types of chocolates you will get to date with. So, choose your chocolate boyfriend with your mood swings!

Chocolates Are Best Boyfriends

3. Lots of brands: There are lots of brands for chocolates. Among all the brands, we choose more Cadbury over Nestle. Also, you can choose brands like Amul, Lotte, Lotus, Parle, Mars, Campco, Ferrero, etc! According to the brand names, you can have a different taste as well.

But, you can not change your boyfriends like you change the dresses you are wearing. So, if you love to change the things you always use then go for different chocolate brands. Don’t play with the emotions of men!

4. You can be angry anytime : We are human beings and it is natural that we get angry from time to time. But, when you are in a relationship you can not show your anger to the person you love. That person gets angry too with your rude behaviour.

So, it is always better to date chocolate, because you can throw it to the dust bin when you are angry. But, you can not throw your human boyfriend. 

5. The perfect listener: We girls are very much talkative. We love to talk about everything with our boyfriends. Even we share all the smallest details of our life with our boyfriends. But, do you agree that your boyfriend listens to everything you say? Or do you expect your boyfriend no to react anything whatever you say? Boys also shout, you just need to ignore! Your boyfriend is not the perfect listener. But the chocolates are the perfect listener.

So, if you are a moody girl it is better not to have a human boyfriend, go for the chocolate one. Whatever you say, it will listen to you attentively. It is far better to talk to dark chocolate instead of the human boyfriend, who does not understand you! 

6. You can have lots of recipes: Through chocolates, you can have chocolate cakes, chocolate shakes, chocolate Donuts, chocolate chips, chocolate coated nuts! So, if you love to eat new recipes then marry chocolate. It never fails to amaze you with the cakes!

When you date a human boyfriend you can’t make him any recipe or even he will not be a guy in disguise.  So, choose your love wiselyBoyfriend or chocolates as boyfriends.

7. Sweetness: Chocolates are sweet,  boyfriends fake also sweet movie dialogues to you but you can not compare the level of sweetness with chocolates. Chocolates are sweet from inside. Boyfriends are sweet from the outer surface. So, if you want to have the feeling of true sweetness then, you must make a piece of chocolate as your boyfriend.

8. Chocolates never hurt: One of the most important facts why girls love chocolates more than their boyfriends is, chocolates never hurt them, as the boyfriends do.  The worst thing that a boyfriend does with his girlfriend is to make her cry!

She feels it very bad when her boyfriend starts doing stupid things and makes her cry. Even the slightest things make her cry, but boyfriends do not realize. So, if you don’t want to get hurt then stop dating a guy and fall in love with chocolate. 

9. Chocolates never lie: Always remember, your boyfriend may lie, but chocolates never lie. You can trust your chocolates naively. It will teach you to trust them for no reason. You will never meet a chocolate bar, that tastes sour. They are always very sweet.

If you have trust issues, then date a chocolate not a boyfriend. 

Conclusion : 

Those are the reasons, why girls choose chocolates over boyfriends.  They make them happy all the time, also girls can do anything with the chocolates. It is always better to have chocolates than to cry in bed.  It is better to skip the sleepless nights for the boyfriends who often hurt you with lies. 

So, not wasting much time fall in love with chocolates, they will never let you feel down. Enjoy your relationship with them only girls!! 

Take your decision wisely! Who knows, chocolates may give you the feeling, that your boyfriend will not be able to live forever. Let the world know, that Chocolates are the best boyfriends. Enjoy!

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