Cheat your way into Lengthier, Voluminous Hair!

Sometimes, we just want to have a full proof go to hairstyle that gives us more volume and length without doing all the work. In an ideal world, ladies would be flaunting their voluminous lengthy hair. Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal. Even the celebrities that we think are ‘perfect’ always have a number of hair specialists and use real hair extensions that bring out their looks.

If your hair tends to behave in a way that you don’t like, such as revealing too much scalp or falling on both sides of your head, we have fixes!

Hack no. 1: Clip-ins are the bomb!

Hair manufacturers have made life easier as one can now choose between having several clip-in extensions that may take 20 minutes to install, or a one piece that gets the work done in 60 seconds! Available in 6 natural colors and 3 textures, these volumizers run from ear to ear. They are perfect for that beauty who is always on the run and rarely has time to do her hair.

Hack no 2: Switch your hair part

Anyone that does styles that require parting always has their favorite parting point. This is where your hair falls naturally. However, this makes you hair to lie flat as this is what it has gotten accustomed to. Switch up this position by flipping your hair to the other side and instantly create volume. If you are not sure about the end result, try this method while hair is still dry. For a lengthier look, deeply part your dry hair on the opposite side. A hairspray will come in handy when trying to hold the hair in place.

Hack no 3: make friends with back combing

Back combing is a quick fix to attaining voluminous hair. However, it is a technique that requires a skilled stylist as it can easily result in a frizzy, tangled mess. How should one do it? Use a large paddle brush to lightly tease the roots. The back-brushed area ought to be sprayed for the created volume to last. Once all sections are done, allow the rest of your hair to lie smoothly on your head.


Hack no 4: Upside-down

This is probably one of the oldest hacks around: blowing out your hair while in the upside-down position. This is very effective because while in this position, your roots are lifted out of your scalp. Drying them in this position automatically results in a voluminous look. You can get your hair dried to about 90 percent then smoothened out with a round brush.


Hack no 5: Lace front wigs

Not just any wig will due, but lace front wigs will give you a voluminous look with high lights, low lights, and the kind of length that wows the room when you walk into it. Be sure not to get just any old lace front wig from a bottom basement retailer because although it will give you length, it will also have the tendency to look tacky. Instead invest in yourself, and try a lace front wig from a reputable hair company that knows how to make wigs that shape the head correctly and fall on the face with grace. So when you’re in a pinch because you’ve been invited to an epic new year’s eve or Christmas party, there’s no need to worry what you’re going to do with you’re hair. It’ll simply be Lace Front to the rescue.


Hack no 6: Full Lace wig

Now a full lace wig is like a lace front wig on steroids. Same rules apply however, you can do anything you like to this wig. No Exceptions. If you want Bo Derek braids, No Problem.. If you want a high Pony tail for an evening out to a dressy casual sorrier, No Problem.. Even if you want to get creative and have a braided swirl that shows the scalp on one side with long tresses of hair on the other side. Its all possible with a full lace wig. The possibilities are endless and all the barriers are broken. Wearing a Full lace wig will allow you to wear very long hair, but the way you want to wear it…instead of the traditional way of wearing it.

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