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Useful tips for parents about TeenSafe app for iOS and Android

The all-time TeenSafe app is gaining popularity globally, as many parents are cracking the hidden mystery of their children mobile phones. The TeenSafe app is an official website service which supervises, monitors kids mobile phone activities through subscription from the parent smartphone device.  The app gathers, analyzes and tracks data from other devices by use …


Top Tips for a Great First Date: Where to Go, Do’s and Don’ts

The thought of going on a first date is in itself terrifying, and will leave most people with sweaty hands, a closed-up throat, and butterflies in the belly. If you have no idea what to do, a first date can be really scary and even stressful. Fortunately, you are not alone, as many single people …


Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown Review

Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Hair Color I tried Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown after some severe scalp reactions to permanent hair dyes. (Both salon and drugstore) After three attemps to cover a minimal amount of gray, I gave up on the chemical hair baths. An irritated scalp and brittle hair sent me …