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Logona Color Creme

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I have tried Logona Color Creme, which is totally Natural, and comes from Germany. I have been burned at the salon a few times before. My scalp usually feels like it is on fire after having my hair colored and without going totally gray (I am too young for that!) I decided to look into alternatives. Naturtint has too many chemicals, it is better than some, but still has PPD in it and other things that I do not want to have touching my scalp and entering my blood stream, which I have heard that the chemicals do... Check out Logona's line of all natural cream hair colors with henna. I was kind of wary of using it, because of the henna, but I find if you go a bit darker and stay away from the redder shades, it comes out very nice. I have medium blonde but my natural color is 80% gray with...

Henna – Light Mountain and Rainbow

I've tried many of the natural pre-mixed products--I had most of them available to me when I owned a health food store in the 90's--but they all seemed to irritate my scalp, and they still do. So, when my hair became salt and pepper, and I started to look washed out, I decided to try henna again. I had used it when my hair was all-over dark, and loved the red highlights. I had no idea what it would do now that the dark was almost gone. The only brand carried by my local health food store (upstate New York) was Rainbow. I could have ordered Light Mountain, which I had used before, but (typical of myself) I wanted to do it NOW!! I bought light brown, took it home and mixed it. I used some vinegar (recommended to "hold" for the gray), some olive oil (it makes it easier to rinse out), a...

Homemade Face Masks

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Homemade Face Masks Healthy, Affordable Skin Care With Ingredients From Your Own Kitchen Simple, easy to make homemade face masks can be an important step in good skin care. There is a mask for every skin type and every skin need and the ingredients are often as close as your kitchen. Need to moisturize try a mask. Oily skin problems try a mask. Dull, tired looking skin try a mask. A good facial mask can help these and many other skin care issues. With just a little know how about different ingredients choices you will find yourself putting together a face mask from healthy natural ingredients in no time at all. Benefits of Face Masks They can be used to: Exfoliate Moisturize Deep Clean Firm and Tighten Brighten and Freshen Fight Acne Help Aging Skin It...

Southern Magnolia Minerals

I've been using Southern Magnolia mineral make-up for about 5 years now. I originally found them on E-Bay, but they also have their own website. They have a wide range of colors and formulas for different skin tones and types, plus they also sell bulk sizes, brushes, cosmetic bags, mixing "swirly" bowls, and skin care products. I am 42 but have oily skin so I need something to stop the shine I get mid-day, and their "Shine Stopper" does just that. Their "Sun Kiss" bronzer makes an ideal blush - very natural looking. The coverage is sheer and natural, but definitely covers what you want hidden. After using their products I have never gone back to liquid foundation again. The customer service is great - my order always arrives quickly & includes free samples of other products (eye ...