Building Healthy Habits: 9 Ways To Kickstart 2022 On A Positive Note

Building healthy habits might sound like something very tiresome and something that would require a lot of determination.

However, if you take a close and careful look, you will understand that healthy habits are the epitome of a happy and content life.

There are some healthy habits that are naturally known to increase the level of endorphins and dopamine.

These are natural mood lifters!

What else would you need?

Yes, it will take some practice to incorporate these healthy habits into your life. However, you can get a health and lifestyle coach if you do not have the initial confidence within yourself.

Also, healthy habits don’t mean you need to go for a smoothie detox and keep on and have tasteless soup every day.

There are perfectly healthy ways for you to enjoy your healthy habits.

If you are looking for some healthy habits which will allow you to start this new year on a positive note, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing ten new and holistic ways which will help you not only sustain but actually live your life.

You will enjoy them, that is a promise!

Why Healthy Lifestyle Is Important

Without a healthy, positive lifestyle, you are like a ship without an anchor. You are sailing infinitely without any hold of the wild sea.

A good habit always helps us get rid of bad habits, such as deadly addictions like alcohol and drugs.

This is why many medical professionals push patients towards positivity and sobriety with the right addiction treatment programs.

Incorporating these habits won’t be too difficult if you remember how productive, satisfied and content you will feel at the end of the day when you finally fall into your deep slumber.

1. Wake Up Early

No, we are not asking you to wake up around 4 am when the sun isn’t even up, and all you can think about is going back to your bed.

If you are not an early riser, you will need to increase the timing by an hour each week. For example, if you always find yourself snoozing your alarms and wake up around 9 am; right before your work from home shift starts then,

Stop snoozing!

Try to wake up around 8 or 7.30 to challenge yourself. Keep the alarm away from the bed, and this will prevent you from snoozing.

2. Meditation

Mindful meditation helps you to calm your mental thoughts and become absolutely present in the ‘present.’

If you suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety or ADHD, incorporating mindful meditation will help you concentrate on your breathing while overthinking will subside.

Suppose you are planning on starting this every morning and having some trouble in the beginning. Start with just a five minutes meditation for the initial time being.

3. Reading At Least Five Pages Everyday

Yes, we know you might not be a reader, but we all can read. Reading opens a new dimension in our mind, clears our thoughts, and helps us think better in every situation.

Reading just five pages every day of your favorite book will give you that mental and intellectual wellness, which mindless scrolling through social media can never provide.

You do not have to read a complicated book; simply start with a basic one.

4. A Day Dedicated To Self-Care

Self-love and care are coming up at the forefront of importance in recent years, and we cannot stress enough how important it is.

You have to start taking care of yourself, not because no one else will but because you come first. Thus, keep a day that is only dedicated to yourself.

Have a home spa or just watch a good movie which you have always wanted to watch. Ensure that any office work is left for the weekdays, and this is just your day to relax.

5. Have Home Cooked Meals

Not only will you be consuming something extremely healthy, but cooking can be extremely therapeutic for anyone.

So, chop your vegetables and saute them on the cooktop while you watch or read something. The perfect definition of a perfectly healthy life right there!

6. Drink More Water

Needless to say, why!

Getting more water will not only help you have healthy skin but will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Hydration is directly correlated to productivity, and if you are feeling tired, maybe you haven’t consumed water for quite some time.

7. Incorporate Physical Exercise

Physical exercise or yoga is very important to keep our body and mind on a healthy track. These are natural detoxifiers that can help us sweat out the bad calories.

If you haven’t exercised ever in your life and this is your first time, we would suggest starting with something light and enjoyable. For example, cardio of any kind, whether it is swimming, cycling, or simply walking.

Physical exercise is a natural mood lifter.

8. Journal

Journaling might look like a big task at first, so you have to stop looking at it as a responsibility and simply start journaling whenever you feel like it.

For example, if every day is becoming troublesome, then do it each week. Do not start emotionally punishing yourself for not doing it one day. 

It is not a task; it is something for you to enjoy!

9. Detox From Technology

We cannot stress it enough, but you definitely need to detox from technology at least for a day.

You are already consuming the internet and technology in bulk every day. This is the reason why you need to at least keep a Sunday out where you only pick up your phone for emergencies and receive a few calls.

A Step Towards Positivity!

Every habit you try to master this year is a new step towards a positive life—the life where you prioritize yourself and have a work/life balance.

You do not have to pressurize yourself with anything; just remember that this is something you want for a better life.

Plus, never look at it as a task, then you will not find any difference between your life and your job.

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