Build My Rank Update 3 Save Money on Build My Rank

Build My Rank Update 3 | Save Money on Build My Rank

It’s only been 7 days since my last Build my Rank update and even though I’ve been off touring the north of Scotland for the past few days (what an incredibly beautiful part of the world that is!), I’ve still managed to keep up with my BMR backlinks to the test site. The test began on the 16th of February, so is only some 17 days old.

So how are things progressing?

I’ll list here updates on progress from the very first day, rather than progress from the previous update. The link above will provide you all the info you need about rankings on the previous update. Over-all, I’ve been adding around 6 to 7 backlinks per day using BMR, thus you can see the workload here is very small – you can do that within half an hour.

US local search vol global search vol Original Scroog Rank Today’s Rank

0 2,400 3 2 and 3

0 1,600 17 7 and 8

1,600 1,900 26 24

2,400 3,600 4 7

1,300 1,900 4 2

4,400 5,400 no rank 47 (only started working this a week ago)

1,300 1,600 36 20

1,600 2,900 11 5

390 590 8 5 and 6

320 480 no rank still no top 100 ranking

1,900 2,400 no rank still no top 100 ranking

140 170 no rank 56

1,600 1,900 no rank 38

The site is now actually ranking for some other short-tail keyword phrases and long tails, which are also bringing in search visitors, but I shall not add those statistics into this particular study.

As you can see, apart from a little bit of a dance and apart from the two keyword phrases that refuse to gain rankings up till now (I’ll put some more emphasis on backlinking those over the coming week or so – I’ve only been sending those a very occasional backlink), the results are really encouraging.

Its obvious from the search volumes on the whole that the competition is most certainly not going to be the stiffest for reaching the high rankings in Google, but at the same time, this study is not just about that.

It’s about “ensuring” that fast rankings (and high rankings) are still possible in Google, even for new keyword phrases. And it’s also about proving (maybe more to myself) that Google is not going to dump web pages down simply because the website is receiving some backlinking attention.

Mind you, I am keeping the backlinking very slow and at a constant pace. I feel that this is more necessary than ever before if you want to achieve good rankings in Google search – be very attentive to backlinking velocity.

I’ll leave it at that for now – I and my girlfriend are rushing around making preparations for traveling down to England today, so its a bit hectic (and my father has the radio on far too loud, so trying to concentrate is a kinda tricky icon smile Build My Rank Update 3 | Save Money on Build My Rank ). However, from mid of next week, I’ll be able to spend that much more time online than what has been possible over the past couple of weeks.

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