Breaking Down the Australian Choker Trend

Australia bustles with metropolitan cities and the most otherworldly sights. But what strikes more curiosity than Australia’s wonders is its fashion scene – an iconic take on grungy accessories, oversized outerwear, and quintessential pieces. And among all the Aussie fashion staples, chokers are particularly fascinating.

Chokers were a promiscuous accessory in the past, but the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Clueless’s Amber turned them into a trend in the ‘90s. While not everyone sported a tightly-wrapped band around their necks, it became the identity mark for underground subcultures and edgy teenagers. A couple of years ago, however, a striking phenomenon washed over the Australian fashion scene: chokers became relevant again.

Everybody, from 12-year olds to Instagram models, moms, celebrities, and professionals, was sporting a choker – or a stack of them – on their necks. The popularity of all things from the ‘90s was the primary reason for the accessory’s success. Despite its Victorian history, chokers have turned into a contemporary fashion staple for anyone who finds the aesthetic particularly charming. As a result, if you want to imitate the ‘90s with a sprinkle of a modern touch, then there is no doubt that a choker necklace can spice up your outfits. With regard to a choker necklace Australia has plenty of stores offering classy and beautiful ones.

Edgy Black Tones

The most basic idea of a choker necklace is a black, velvet strip that is about half an inch in width. A favorite among just about any demographic identity, this choker is a no-brainer essential for any accessory closet. It pairs well with everything, but it gives a particularly powerful vibe when matched with Aussie staples, such as an oversized blazer and a chic black hat. Subsequently, it is impossible to walk down Sydney’s harbors and the metropolitan expanse of Brisbane without spotting an individual – or an entire crowd – sporting this accessory.

If you are not a fan of minimalist black chokers, then you will love the flair of a flower-lined choker embellished with an obsidian gem, which gives the edgiest, Billie Eilish-inspired outfits a girly vibe. You will find that simple pieces are versatile enough to wear as an everyday accessory, and you will soon be swapping out your gold chains for a more casual, grungy look. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr have demonstrated how chokers fit right into the model-off-duty style that everyone has been swooning over. So if you are wondering whether a choker pairs well with lazy days and effortless Aussie looks, the answer is always a yes.

Girly Vibes

While a choker eludes the impression of underground subcultures for some, you can turn it into a sugar-sweet girly accessory by picking out a pastel pink band. Multilayered chokers, thick bands, lace, beads, hearts, and velvet completely change the look of the accessory and give it a modern flair. The identity of chokers is continuously evolving, and the contemporary influence has created delicate alternatives for people who are not a fan of black bands around their necks.

The love for pastel pink brought rose gold iPhones and Mean Girls moments to life, so it is not surprising that chokers joined in on the trend. Pink chokers pair well with dainty white tops and dresses, which have been some of the Australian designers’ favorite styles to stock on local racks.

The idea of a pink accessory complements eyelets and lace, giving you a softer, more youthful look without bringing the full power of a color blocking black choker. Choose a choker embellished with a heart-shaped pendant if you feel like a plain band is too dull. A lace or beaded piece will also give your neck an exciting touch. For a more exotic take, pick up a multilayered earth-toned choker, which is perfect if your closet is full of beiges and neutrals.

Concerning a choker necklace, Australia has many options that undeniably spark life into any outfit, especially if your closet is full of Aussie essentials. Despite its history of use in various industries, the contemporary fashion scene has accepted it as an everyday essential, and it remains a staple in plenty of people’s wardrobes. Like all trends, time will continue to breathe life into chokers so that it will never lose its relevance in the history of Australian fashion.



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